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Question 240 heater

Hello once again,

I've posted before I've got a 92 Volvo 240 wagon. I've searched the site and can't find anything about the problem I'm having. If I let the car set and idle for 20/30 min no heat. If I drive it for about 15 min the heat works great. I just don't understand. What causes this and how do I fix it? I'm sure it's going to make me look dumb but I don't care I just want to fix it.
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Try changing the thermostat, it's far better to drive your car gently to warm it up rather than letting it idle to warm up. You're diluting the oil with extensive idling since the engine runs so rich when it's cold. The best thing to do is start driving gently 30 seconds to a minute after the oil light goes out. I can watch the temp rise with my MS setup and while I'm driving the temp steadily goes up, when I stop for a light it kind of stalls out until I start moving again
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Before you change the thermostat make sure that the coolant is filled and that the water pump belt is tight. Easy, cost nothing.

Your description would seem to indicate a lack of hot coolant flowing through the heater core. That can be caused by low coolant level not being circulated at idle.

As indicated, a thermostat not fully closing would prevent the engine from reaching operating temperature at idle. Infrared thermometers are cheap and a low block temperature after running a few minutes would tell you if that is the problem.

Next up the list is a water pump vanes problem. Common on cars with plastic vanes but not so much on the Volvo.

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A 92 240 series uses a plastic heater valve without any thermostatic function. This means as the coolant temp changes the heater valve doesn't compensate. So you would have to change the position of the heater slide to make up for this. Also be sure the valve under the dash isn't leaking. That also affects how well the heater works along with creating the low coolant mentioned above.
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Default Heater

hmmmmm, here is a consideration:

I don't get royalties from David but his parts are very good!


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