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Default Link G4+


does anyone of you have some xp with Link ECUs? Especially the "old" blue G4+ Storm?
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Is it close to Vipec 44 or 88?

Edith: software seems to be same. I like it a lot, I got Vipec 88 at job, and it controls vnt, boost solenoid and electronic throttle. All this on four cylinder whiteblock. No problems with B230F+T either.

Soon it will control B30.

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G4 bad, G4+ acceptable. Reasonably close models in G4+, rubbish PW table bullsh|t in G4 down. I see they've got pretty colours, now. Cute.

What exactly do you need? They're not vendor-only or anything, plug it in, configure it, tune it, no?
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