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Default 240 Wiring Need Help Troubleshooting

I have a volvo 240 wagon that I'm trying to get road ready by the time I get my license but I need some help. None of my gauges work and the only dash lights that come on are the brights and blinker lights. I took the gauge cluster out and tested it with a multimeter and it seems fine. Also I have another gauge cluster taken form a parts car and the same thing happened when I installed it. I then assumed it was the wiring in the dash but I don't know how to test it. The alternator doesn't charge because the bulb on the dash isn't completing the circuit. I'm not very knowledgeable about wiring so an help would be greatly appreciated.
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1st....welcome to TB
2nd...You posted this in the wrong section. Maybe try maintenance & nonperformance
3rd...Put up a little more info when asking questions. Make & model are obvious here...but you didn't say what year. Also...list any mods (if any at all) to help narrow things down a bit further. The more info you can give us, the better we can help you out.

Did you check ALL the dash bulbs for continuity to make sure they all actually work?

If you have more than just 1 gauge that's not working...is anything else in the car (electrically) not working? For example....lighter, radio, dash lights/illumination

Volvo tended to put more than 1 electrical item on each circuit/fuse....so if more than just your gauges aren't working...this might narrow it down to just a blown fuse. Did you check all your fuses for continuity with a meter?
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