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Default Narrowband afr.

Is a narrowband install in a 940 going to worth my while?
Wideband is still out of reach at this stage, i just want something to keep me from causing damage to my engine. Mods are very light at this stage, just running about 12 psi and a 2.5 inch single muffler free flowing exhaust.
Loads of posts confirm that fueling shouldn’t be a problem at these boost levels.

How would I even go about wiring the n/b o2? Splice into exciting o2 wiring?

Looking forward to some insight.

1996 940 wagon uk spec. Mostly stock, 12psi, 2.5in exhaust
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Tap a voltmeter (0-1 Volt range or so) into the O2 signal wire. I had one on my K-Jet VW for a while and it was giving enough info to dial a/f ratio into proper range.

You can buy plug and play panel meters on e-bay for few dollars. Not the fastest refresh rate but enough to give you an idea about a/f.

Something like this http://www.zeitronix.com/Products/O2Meter/O2Meter.shtml can be built for $5. Even a free giveaway meter from Harbor Freight can do the job.

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Originally Posted by Louw78 View Post
Is a narrowband install in a 940 going to worth my while?

Nope. Save the money.
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Originally Posted by tryingbe View Post
Nope. Save the money.
What he said...

There are multiple sellers on eBay selling brand new AEM UEGOs for @$130. Basically a 2 wire install being just switched 12V+ ignition power, and a ground...the rest is plug-n-play.

The "best" narrowbands do nothing and are quite slow at best.

There's no reason to waste $ on a narrowband when a functional wideband can be had for a decent price.
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Thanks, I needed to hear that. Will safe money and get the proper stuff
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The OEM O2 sensor is a narrow band sensor and can sort of work for tuning to an AFR of 14.7. It is painful because they are highly non linear and as a result you really don't know how much above or below 14.7 you are currently running. The output voltage will just tell you whether you are above, below or at 14.7 (fat chance of that). The normal operation for the OEM tune is to have the O2 sensor voltage oscillate back and forth (above and below 14.7) past the O2 sensor switchpoint. If you have a high impedance voltmeter you can connect to the OEM sensor to monitor its output for no cost.

If you a short on change, 14point7.com offers up their SLC FreeA with 4.9 wideband sensor for $85. That includes an LCD display for the Lambda (instead of AFR) and inferred O2 sensor temperature. You have to build it your self which takes about 30 minutes if you are handy with a soldering iron. I have one which I use as a back-up. Its as accurate as the controllers that I use to back-up, for what that is worth. The SLC Free uses aluminum can electrolytic capacitors so don't expose it to a lot of heat.
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dirty swede
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^I have the $85 SLC free and it works great
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