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Default What are the best accessory bushings to buy?


I'm doing work on a 1989 240. As per normal, all the bushings on the engine need replacing. I have read lots of threads about rubber bushings, polyurethane and aluminium. But I can't seem to make up my mind on which is the best for me.

Who was had good experiences with either?

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The aluminum ones from yoshifab are well made but too short. I called them to rectify the issue but never heard back. They work fine for my 1992 alternator, but require washers acting as shims for my 92's PS pump and AC compressor. Nothing beats straight belts though! I have no experience with poly but don't even want to ever bother with it.
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I have a mix of blue and black poly on mine- 3 years so far and no problems.
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I've had solid luck with the Superpro poly for a lot of years. I have seen a few different brands of other poly that turn to plastic and crack after a year or two as well, so I'm sticking with what I know.
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If you need Superpro bushings PM me for price and availability!
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I've had bad experiences with all of them. I've recently come to the conclusion that the rubber is the least bad option. There is no silver bullet. I'm toying with making a steel bracket (for the alternator) that eliminates the bushing entirely. Works fine on my 66 dodge trucks and 69 firebird. Would work fine here I expect as well with a small amount of NVH increase. I figure that with the 2 1/2" exhaust and H cam, I'd never notice the difference anyway.

Full disclosure: I DD this car ~35,000 miles a year. If you drive less, your experience will be different.

Poly is nice, but Mobile 1 synthetic likes to eat it over time. It also gets hard faster than the rubber. They seem like that they may last a little longer than the rubber, but it isn't significant in my case. I've used the iPD and Super Pro versions. With and without steel inserts.

Rubber is well... rubber. Least expensive option, but lasts the least amount of time.

Aluminum is nice initially, but wears poorly. The steel bolt tends to oval out the center, then the bushing starts to wobble and then wears on the surface of the bracket. I've had the bushing wear out as well as the bracket wear out.

I just plan on replacing the rubber bushings every couple years. The rubber is cheap(er) and it takes an hour or so to swap them out.

Its also important to note that even though rubber or poly is softer, the aluminum bracket does wear slowly over the years. If you take a new bushing and can push it in by hand, the bracket is worn out and you need to replace it. The bushing wont last very long in this case. You should have to push it in with a vice or press.
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Meyle rubber ones seem to be the best option.

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gsellstr, how many bushings came in your superpro kit?
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