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Default REX/Regina + Turbo Questions

Hello All!

Just as a forward, I have done lots of searching and reading and digging through threads to gather info but I would like to collect a few here and make it clear for me (and others) whats going on:

First, My Car: 1991 Volvo 740 Wagon Non Turbo REX Regina Automatic


1) Being a Map based system on the REX/Regina, What pressure does the stock MAP sensor read up to (ie .5 bar positive (above atmosphere) pressure?)

a) With that, can I replace the sensor with one that can read higher? Like a GM 3 Bar?

2) I have many sets of injectors I can use (850 orange top 330cc, v70 blue top 420cc, audi 380cc etc....) What size would you say is a good balance between safe AFRs and not running pig rich?

a) I will be using a piggyback (either afc neo, emanange, etc...) to control fueling (maybe timing too) to ensure I dont run too rich/lean (with a wideband of course)

3) What is the simplest oil feed location (T off of ol pressure sensor? somewhere on block?)

a) Along with that for oil drain I am guessing drill and weld a bung in?

I just want to gather all the info together and in my build thread I will take many photos and make it really clear how to set it up.

This is for a +t oem style so not crazy high boost or anything (I am going to be running a td04h-13c so a nice punchy midrange and quick spool is what I am going for)

Please include any photos you have!

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