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Default Loud clank and car revving itself out

So yesterday i was driving to work and it started making a horrible noise from the drivetrain. It would sound like my motor had no oil in it but it seemed like The noise came from underneath the car, in the drivetrain.. At idle, the noise seemed more appearent, and would go away intermittently if I shifted into nuetral or park. I drove home and the clank was still there, yet liuder, and drove as normal and had no issue on freeway.

This morning (right now), the car starts up and the RPM’s shoot up to about 3,000 before I get scared and shut it off, not even touching the gas pedal.. the clanking noise is still there too.. My tranny oil and motor oil and topped off so it shouldn’t either crapping out, giving the car has 100k on it and the transmission still shifts great.

This sucks because its my only car right now and I’d prefer not to have to take the bus to work, my commute is already a drag.

92 940 Gl with Regina

All help is appreciated, thanks TB’ers
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