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The smurf is no more
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Default 1979 242 gt

Some time ago, me and Wren were going to look at a car or something and we saw the 242 sitting out in this field so we stop to look at it. It was a GT of all things, and it had no rust in the floors, just surface rust here and there where all the 242 get it. The car belonged to a friend of the field owner and when the car stopped working, the friend said fix if you can and when you can back in 2004. The owner really didn't want to sell it but if was going to sell it he wanted like $1000 or so for it so I told him when he decides to take $500 to give me a call. A few months later, the owner called and said come and get whenever.
After another few months and almost loosing out on this deal, I finely have it home.

Pirelli Tires from the '90's

And yes, that is the real mileage

The records from the first owner from day 1 til the late 80's

The car was repainted at some time and this was they replaced the GT strip with.

Someone stole my butt checks.

Factory original spare

I will post up the plans for this car later but lets just say its not going to be a GT.

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1983 244 GLT: Factory/dealer turbo and intercooler, black on black, B21F intake, 850 seats, Voxx 17x8 MG, B&G springs, HD's, NPR, M46etc.
1979 242 GT: Project
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The smurf is no more
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Default The Plan

As I said before there is going, the GT stuff is coming off and to never be put back on this car. Here is a list of the things this car be getting:
-Group A front end
-B&G springs
-Bilsiten HD's
-25/28 sway bars
-seam wielding
-chassis bracing
-B230FT or B234FT
-leather interior
-most of the wiring redone
-Lizard Skinned
-3'' exhaust
-T5 or TKO
-Aussie locker

I am sure there is a lot more that I will need to add but that's a lot already. I will keep the car the original color but no GT strips; probably be sold color. I am planning to get the car ready in time for SE 9 but the way things are going now, I don't even know when I will get started.

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Awesome. Can't wait to see progress.

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That was a nice save. Really low miles too. I'd be really tempted to keep the GT look, even if you modify it.
"No man would listen to you talk if he didn't know it was his turn next." E. W. Howe
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