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Default cleaning pcv on b230ft?

So my pcv valve is clogged...how do I clean it out?
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Blast it with carb cleaner, poke it with screwdriver, whatever you can to get all the stuff outta there and cleaned.
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I would order the IPD relocation kit. It's such a pain in the ass to get to the stock setup. It's only like $15 and they give you a new flame trap and all the hoses and everything. I took off the intake manifold to get at it, because I was doing the coolant temp sensor under intake #3 and cleaning the leaking PCV box seal. If you can reach under there and pull the old one off, it's easy to put the IPD kit on. Actually, I had to use a little silicone lube to slide the top hose over the trap housing... that thing is really tight!
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is there a valve?
or just the box?

I cleaned from box the lil fitting with vac line and hose out...
I didnt clean box itself due to jiggle test passing! lol
do people add catch cans to these cars? the recirc to intake?
I have nissan turbo motors and we all run catch cans then back works great.
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Oh yeah, I didn't use carb cleaner because it might ruin the plastic. I used degreaser, let it sit, do it twice or more, use a round poker brush thing, then maybe MAF or electronics cleaner that is plastic safe. Get a new seal too.
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hey im going to be working on my pcv system and already asked.

I got this link from someone and its a good detail.
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