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Default Intake manifold question

My 36th car is my 1st volvo. I need to replace the intake manifold gasket. It is missing badly at idle. I have located the leak. Can I remove the maifold and leave everything attatched to it in place. Also, what are the torque specs? 93 940 non turbo. Plan to cure the non turbo problem soon. Thanks.
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A few things need to come off but yes you can just unbolt and slide it off.
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Only a few things have to come off. What i would do for only and intake gasket on a volvo is take the nuts off the studs that hold the intake on. Then wiggle intake manifold. See what is keeping it from coming back just enough to get the manifold off the studs. Get bungee cords out and use them to lightly hold stuff out of the way. Clean surface best you can. Use mirror to check surfaces you can't see EZ. Then put some Vaseline lightly on the gasket so it will stick in place. Put back together.
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