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Default shorter timing belt specs.

got a head that has had some shaved off. I need to find a FORD PINTO (engine type) timing belt. what are the specs on the belts people are using?

would this belt work?

I have searched but no one has a direct link to a shorter timing belt they are using. any info would be much appreciated!

edit' F! volvo b230f uses a 3/4" x 46 1/8" (123 Teeth) belt.
i cant find a 122 teeth belt! please much help with a link would be appreciated.

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How much was taken off? At around 2mm+, you may need a shorter belt, but less than that should be fine with a stock length belt.

You could also contact Lawrence Knox (aka 'Fidel') and ask if he has one available.
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https://www.rockauto.com/dbphp/mfr,G...16,Timing+Belt <--- invaluable link to bookmark

Scroll down, looks like the 3rd one down will work. Gates T013, T089, or T158.

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Bump. People were curious.

TB089 is the short round tooth belt(and MD140228 is another part number for it).

T013 is the square tooth belt short.
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