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Default Volvo 960 braces for a 940

I've read much about these little braces (part numbers 9178665, 9178666) being a great addition to the front end of 7/940s. I found them on tasca new for 40.77 for the pair, so seems like a no brainier.

My question is that I feel like I've read they require drilling? Is that only on some cars? I feel like I've read people just not using all the mounting points as well, maybe drilling is difficult?

Do they use existing hardware or do I need to grab some?
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They might come with hardware I not sue, but plant of people only use the 4 mounting point not all 6. They say it works great. You should post pictures of the install and stuff, I've been interested in these for a long time but can't seem to find where they mount.
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Here's a thread about it, don't know if you've already seen it. One person said the 700 chassis is missing a bolt for the third hole, but is still running it with only two of the three bolts, lol
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You reuse the large bolt for the inboard pivot of the lower control arm, and the rearmost bolt for the jacking plate.

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Fwiw, all holes were drilled on my 1995 940. I had to find two bolts for the middle holes, but everything bolted right up. The drivers side of my car was bent from being low, I imagine, but it straightened out and these brackets should help.

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Ordered a set for my early 740 (85) we shall see
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What they do; the c-member has a large piece that is not there, to accomodate the steering rack lines. The braces stiffen up the outer part where the control arm mounts, so there's less flex of the control arm mount.
the small bolt near the control arm bolt is in a part of the c'member that is not there pre-95. IOW 95's have the hole, earlier do not. You can either ignore it or weld in a bit of metal for that bolt hole. I have both with and without and there's not much if any difference.
The braces; some, earlier models I think, just had a large hole for the control arm bolt. Later have a welded on square nut, so you just leave off the original nut.

If you're into making the handling better, do the 'camber mod'. There's threads here somewhere. Def worth it.
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