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Default Custom Wooden Cupholder

A few weeks ago, I met a nice gent who was cleaning out his garage and giving away his old 245 parts. Amongst the treasures, was this really sweet custom cupholder that was made by a friend of his.

Besides its simplicity and good looks, the clever part is how it uses the parking brake button for alignment and how it uses the weight of the oak to lightly wedge the front board against the carpeting and shifter bump out.

If you'd like to make your own, the cut dimensions are:
3/4" oak (or other hardwood, pine might be too light)
4 3/8" wide
10 1/2" top piece
9 3/4" bottom piece
5 3/8" front piece
1 5/8" back piece

The cup cutouts are 3 1/2" dia, with 3/4" x 1 1/2" handle slots (Dear Santa: 18 pc HF hole saw set, $17). The hole for the brake button is 3/4" dia, ~1/2" deep, with edge of hole 1/8" below the bottom board. I couldn't tell, but I'd guess the joints are doweled or biscuited.

I'm going to add a couple rubber bumpers on the back end so that it doesn't slide side-to-side on the parking brake housing. If you want to get fancy, you could adjust the width to match your seats, curve the bottom of the front board to match the tunnel, and pick a couple different beverage diameters -- although there is a nice symmetry with the dual handle cutouts.

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That is cool. Stain it black? Thanks for posting.
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That's awesome! My Wife's main complaint with her car is lack of cup holders.
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I love seeing simple, functional design like that.
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