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Location: Jyväskylä, Finland
Default PeeTee`s Volvo 240 B230FT -91

Hi all!

I`ve been planning on writing here for few years, so here it goes.

First of all, I apologize for my english. My native language ain`t english, because I`m finnish.

So, I live in Finland, where winter is long ja that means a long garage season also.

It all started in year 2016-17. In 2016 I noticed a beautiful ( sarcasm ) fully original Volvo 240 in my wife`s worksight. I told my wife, that you must tell the owner of that Volvo, that I will buy it when it`s for sale. My wife told my greetings to the owner and I lived my life without that volvo because it wasn`t for sale. Shame.

This is the part when we move forward to year 2017. It was winter time, when wife`s coworker had an accident with his car. He drove the car in to light pole. Then I told to my wife, that I`m interested in buying the car, even tough I haven`t seen it. Wife`s coworker said that the car has been bought new to their family and car wasn`t for sale because of it`s history. I said then, that if they would be selling the car some day, I would buy it.

Goes few months of the accident and I see the Volvo again on the same parking lot, at my wife`s work. The car had been on the road again approx. 2 weeks, when my wife received a text from the Volvo owner that said: "Is your husband still interested in the Volvo?"

I jumped up and down, he remembered me! If I don`t remember wrong, the text came in wednesday and we went to see the car in friday night.

The car had been on the same family since it was bought from the dealership, it was in really good condition, but the car had different coloured bonnet and drivers side wing, because of the accident. Still, I bought the car without hesitating.

Below is a few photos of the car in it`s original glory.







Interior had the original covers from the year -91, and the seats were in mint condition ( cover had been taken off on these photos ). The car had a full dealership service history also and that is not too often on cars like these. The car was owned by a group of family that had zero knowledge of cars and they always serviced it in some dealership, not ever by their own. I was given a full map of different kind of documents of this car ( service invoices etc. ).


When I bought the car, it was B200F + M47 + 1031 + G80. It had been driven 367 thousand kilometers. Accessories were: central locking, headrests, working cruise control.

I was very happy about my new purchase and started modding it and I`ve been modding it ever since. Accident that the car had, had damaged the front of the car so bad that I didn`t wan`t to restore the car.

In the years of 2017 - 2018 I basically just drived with cut springs and wide steelies.

In winter 2018 I refurbished 3-piece wheels and forced it to the car.



I then thought to myself that the wheels didn`t fit the car, so I sold them with profit.

I had a huge motivation problem with the car in 2018 winter because of the wheels didn`t fit so I left the car in the garage. 2018-2019 summer I just drived, again.

In 2019-2020 winter I drove the car back to the garage and sat back down to the drawing board.

Then I thought to myself that I need to get some more power of this car. So I bought B230FK motor with all the accessories, serviced it and dumped in the car. In Finland, the MOT sh*t in unbelievably hard ( sometimes ), so I was little bit nervous of that. The car went trough the MOT with no problems and the car had a little bit more power than the tired B200F. Right after the MOT I changed the wastegate to 0.8bar. I was very pleased of the car`s performance at first, but let`s see what the 20-21 winter does to this...

I have done many little things to this car during all these years, but these are the things that comes to my mind writing this

I have made some minor adjustements to the car in this summer, and the car seems to be working quite good.

The car and it`s engine bay looks today like this.










The cars mods listed below:
- B230FK bone stock engine, unopened
- 530 unopened head
- 3" exhaust, with V-bands
- Mitsubishi 13c ( hopefully not long ), 0,9bar
- KL - Racing intercooler
- Turbosmart boost gauge
- Turbosmart boost tee
- DIY coilovers, front shocks original gas shortened 4 cm, springs 450lbs 8" long, coil sleeves front, rear shocks are from Opel Astra G wagon and the springs is from Audi A6 4g ( front springs ) with eibach coil adjusters
- Wide steelies 7" x 15" and 8.5" x 15". Tires 185/55 and 225/50
- Underneath the motor is a thick armor plate

Basically that`s it. I have done all of the mods, so I know exactly what is going on and where. And of course the paintjob had been polished multiple times by myself and loads of little things.

The plan for the winter 20-21 is to get the new brakes to fit. If I don`t find wheels that will look good to my eye, the brakes won`t come to this car. Then I might upgrade the turbo and and and and..

Donor car of the brakes is Volvo XC90 T6 year 2005.
Brakes in front are 336mm discs and 60mm piston brake calibers
Brakes in rear are 308mm discs and 44mm piston brake calibers

The front discs are in quite good shape, although they have minor surface rust. Front calibers need full refurb, since they come from car that had engine bay fire.
Rear dics are garbage.

As I said, these will need full refurb, but then they will be good as knew. Hopefully also someday in my car.

As I said earlier, Finlands MOT is very specific ( and it needs to be done every year ) and I cannot use any spacers mounting the wheels. I have been looking for wheels for my car and seems to be that I`m too picky about that. We`ll see.

Adapters for the calibers I will made by myself and I will get those trough the MOT somehow, if the brakes goes to my car.

Thats my never ending story
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Default Hello from Chicago !!!

Hola , I am from Puerto Rico ( look for it in the Caribbean sea) . Good to see that you got your wish , just like I did with my wagon. Hopefu;;y you get to do your wagon before you are "finnished 9"My native language ain`t english, because I`m finnish.), I am almost done with my wagon after a 4 year restomod. Got plates already too
Take care amigo
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Thanks! I`ve had few projects before and time flies by, so I wouldn`t be conserned about 4 years of building time. My sidecar motorcycle has been more or less project for manymany years.


Back to the car -> wheels arrived from another enthusist.
Wheels are ATS Type 10`s 8x17 allaround, ofset 13, PCD 5x108.


Just a basic set of wheels, I`m planning on using these during the winter.

First pic with the old wheels.








I test fitted the front without any spacer, so ofset on front is 13. Rear has 30mm spacer in these photos, so the ofset is -17.

Fits ok. I guess.

Same day as the wheels arrived, also arrived the brake adapters. The adapters came from LMR.se. Those adapters fit like a dream.


Test fit the wheel.


Babysteps. Babysteps.

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