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Default LH 2.4 idle adjustment FYI

Ok, some of you may know this, but for those of you that may have some idle, or stalling issues, this may help. Basically, LH 2.2 has the same adjustment, but with LH 2.2 you ground a wire and turn the knob, as long at the throttle body is clean and the idle stop is correct it wil work fine. On LH 2.4 there is no knob no wire to ground. Basically my car would stall when coming back to idle after light to heavy acceleration, when i push in the clutch. The car sat for a month while I did a turbo swap (13c to a Garret T03 on a 90 manifold and a T-5 swap, should have had no bearing on my idle but did, or it was coincidence) heres the deal...

Pinch off the hose to the IAC (idle air control valve) the hose off the intake pipe. now if your hoses are original, or old when you pinch it, your pliers may go right through it cause the hose is hard as a rock...so be forewarned. The idle should be about 500 RPM. If it doesnt you need to adjust the throttle stop screw to get 500 RPM with that IAC hose pinched.

Also you will need to adjust the throttle switch at the same time, and be careful when your adjusting the throttle stop, cause it will hang on the throttle swtich if you go the wrong direction, and you wont be able to properly adjust the idle. Then you want to double check the accelerator cable adjustment. At WOT with someone in the car, foot on the floor no carpet (no floormat, and make sure the car is off, heh) the throttle spool should go just a hair before the stop, this way your not yanking on anything. Also double check the little peice of linkage between the throttle spool and the actual throttle plate. This peice should be loose with closed throttle (so its not pushing or pulling on anything) To adjust the linkage loosen both nuts (they loosen and tighten the same way, one end has a reverse thread) and turn the little peice in the middle (just like a tie rod).

As I said im sure most of you know this, but for those that dont, its hopefully good info.

Before you start you need to make sure of course you have no vacuum leaks, no air leaks in any intake hoses, and the throttle body is CLEAN!!! This procedure solved my problem but after I double checked everything including fuel pressure. I take care of my car so I was sure it was all ok, but checked anyway.

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