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Default Delete the Middle MUFFLER & Replace with STRAIGHT Pipe

During conversations about streamlining the undercarriage, the drag created by the middle muffler was mentioned as being significant.

So my crazy question of the day is, what would happen if I eliminate the middle muffler altogether and replace it with a piece of straight pipe?

Pros, Cons, Consequences ???????
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The "middle muffler" is just a resonator, not a muffler. If you remove it you will get a little better tone and a very slight increase in power.
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It will get slightly louder but shouldn't be anything to complain about. iPd's sport exhaust system is exactly this, just a rear muffler like a stock 240 turbo exhaust setup.
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My feedback thread
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Default muffler

You can eliminate it and it'll sound a bit better. Sometimes though, you get a drone resonance between 2k - 3k rpms. An exhaust tip with a resonator in it will flow better and cancel out that drone if you have it. If you don't have the drone resonance then one muffler will be fine.
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I only have a rear muffler, has been that way since I bought the car. Actually it had a glasspack on it when I bought it. Loud. Too loud. Better with an actual muffler back there.
It will be louder without the middle resonator, but not a lot louder than stock. It isn't truck with no mufflers loud or fart can loud. Idle is just a little deeper, and it is a bit louder around 3-4k rpm. You won't be frightening pedestrians.

We also removed the center resonator from my sister's old diesel mercedes (for economic reasons). That actually didn't make it much louder than stock, I didn't really notice it.

Originally Posted by dl242gt View Post
Sometimes though, you get a drone resonance between 2k - 3k rpms.
Yes yes yes. Around 3k rpm my car drones rather loudly. With the glasspack on it was unbearable.

Give it a shot. Can't hurt anything that I know of.
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