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  1. Megasquirt info (all you need to know!)
  2. Doug.....your fuel management choices...
  3. I am offically LH less!!!! :-D
  4. how to tap hole for GM IAT sensor?
  5. Fuel injection and you (or what makes the box work?)
  6. 8x8 eh?
  7. Cruise AFR?
  8. A note to those running ms&s
  9. Hey guys, lets talk about AFR tables...
  10. Coolant sensor values for Megatherm needed
  11. Long Trips
  12. is daily or weekly tuning required with ms ?(or ems)
  13. Reference to using lh 2.4 crank trigger w/ msns
  14. Useful websites
  15. engine managment?
  16. MS Log Visual Viewer
  17. Car starts fine on MS but wont re-start
  18. Where can I find a igt.avance map or graph for B230 ti-engine?
  19. MS and the Mac
  20. Successful MSnS installation on an 85 740T
  21. VMS k-jet Grp-A
  22. MST3K VE vs MSnS-E WB AFR
  23. eratic coolant temp MSnS
  24. Dime-and-JB-Welded KJet Injector problem
  25. Fast Idle Valve
  26. laptop can't see MS box.... It did last night! What to check?
  27. How easy is MS&s from Linuxman51 to install
  28. no spark
  29. Turbo Jetronic Schematics for '84-'85 B21FT
  30. 7 psi standing still?
  31. KnocksenseMS for Megasquirt and others
  32. Your tuning method
  33. Suggest me a non-programmable ignition system
  34. accel enrichment, decel enrichment
  35. ignition cut?
  36. CTS seeing 90* when engine is warm....
  37. Looking for a good B21FT map to get started...
  38. MSNS extra AFR tables
  39. Tuning a 16 valve with megasquirt
  40. UK/Euro people: Anyone heard of OMEX EMS systems?
  41. My car is (inexplicably) fast again
  42. MS almost left me stranded
  43. What software do I need??
  44. Anyoned Ms'ed a 850 yet?
  45. Hot start gremlin, seriously messing with me
  46. What does it do.
  47. Need a couple of BETA testers...
  48. V3 pcb/msII's are available en masse
  49. Haltech E6X?
  50. msns (resistors, ignition,tps,knock) questions
  51. Startup cranking
  52. typical coolant temps?
  53. Tune shope how long?
  54. distribution methods (wire consolidation)
  55. coolant , IAT , easytherm values
  56. Megasquirt any good?
  57. throttle position sensor
  58. poor hot idle performance?
  59. parts to buy
  60. megasquirt final checklist
  61. ignition module location please
  62. Read about others problems with afterstart enrich coming on .. heres the answer
  63. Megasquirt bugs, issues, fault codes, and how to fix them
  64. Need Some Help Please!!!!!!
  65. Fuel pump relay
  66. In the words of Lil' Jon.... YEAAHHHHHHHH!!! MS sucess!!!
  67. What determines the right ignition advance?
  68. Kennys ms for kjet
  69. MS Related Wiring Question
  70. a silly and really powerful hint for tuning MS... FORGET THE DAMN NB o2 sensor!!!!
  71. MSD to megasquirt hook up?
  72. MSnS-E Boost Control
  73. lc-1 stuff
  74. Dizzy & 124 module Q's
  75. megasquirt order clarification
  76. electrostatic discharge
  77. Please Help my MS, it is sad!!! for the Guru's...
  78. um.......... what should I do?
  79. Problems with my MS install
  80. 024s9 vs024s11
  81. inj not firing
  82. having problems with ms
  83. What equipment do I need for MSnS-E?
  84. what should i get
  85. My MegaSuxors Is now MEGACOOL!!!!
  86. Blow Off valves and Ic pipes
  87. MS install
  88. WB or NB- What's the difference?
  89. USB Serial adapters
  90. MSnS+MAF=WTF?
  91. How do I tune spark in MSnS-E?
  92. lm-1 vs lc-1
  93. motronic 4.3 map switcher, where can i find one?
  94. 780 Megaquirting starts today (ps I need HELP)
  95. Megasquirt
  96. idle motor?
  97. No Spark
  98. Bosch 0 227 400 148
  99. LC-1 WB placement
  100. Megasquirt
  101. Spark vs. VE vs. too cheap to buy dyno time
  102. Accel wizard setting inquiry...
  103. have spark!!!!!
  104. car runs!!!!
  105. Car wont stay running with ms
  106. Haired Brained late Nite idea: Homemade dizzy
  107. Some B20E specific MS questions
  108. MSnS or Haltech
  109. MS1 or MS2
  110. trigger angle and VE tables (two unrelated questions)
  111. What do you use to mount your MS?
  112. GO fast and High
  113. AEM Universal EMS
  114. which WB o2?
  115. WB O2 LC-1 question/MS- 0-1v or 0-5.0v?
  116. stupid question: reliablity.
  117. MS and D-jet fuel pump
  118. b21ft CTS
  119. Got my MS running today!!!
  120. Fan Control using FIDLE - MS V2.2 just fuel - no nS unit
  121. not megatune. but wow
  122. Plug and Play?
  123. Megasquirt and water injection (dual table?)
  124. MAP-sensed ECU - changing intercooler?
  125. MegaSquirt No Start Pls Help?
  127. questions about the haltech
  128. Anyone have a msq file I can get?
  129. Help! No Spark After Ms Install!!!!
  130. how to post AFR plot from innovate wideband
  131. Help me get my MSed 140 running!!!
  132. trigger wheel question.
  133. v3.0 pcb thoughts
  134. MS-First Road Test-> I have power!!!
  135. Hyper-advancing ignition for hi rev cams?
  136. How do i wire a heated O2 sensor with MS?
  137. Who is runnong the msns-e boost control
  138. 2 possible routes. MSnS vs. Lh2.2 + MSD 6al
  139. need help... What value # for MS w/Browntops
  140. MSnS settings for stock 60-2 wheel
  141. 9 degree trigger angle
  142. Autotune in megatune now
  143. New MSns code (26c)
  144. MSnS-E w/ stock 60-2 and DSM coilpacks
  145. MS - No Start...SOLVED!
  146. Post your block mount dizzy!
  147. isaac syndrome
  148. CLT spiking with throttle application
  149. Bosch LH2.4 to Megasquirt
  150. megatunix is cool but megatune is better
  151. Crank Trigger Options .
  152. Installing a turbo to a Volvo 740
  153. my new tuning method
  154. tech edge wbo2 calibration Q
  155. Tuning cold start
  156. Injector pulses per revolution?
  157. msns in stock 83 242dl
  158. Yet another spark table thread
  159. browntops , req_fuel, and inj per rev
  160. Still having issues with map sensor
  161. How often do you modify your fuel&spark tables?
  162. Quick question
  163. 139 ign
  164. Tuning spark
  165. LH2.4 ECU/ICU Chipping DISCUSSION
  166. Rex is supported
  167. New bizzarre MS issues
  168. Anyone running a LINK ECU??
  169. What megatune to use?
  170. Chips and chipping, what it is and what to expect
  171. MS and helping trannies live
  172. Need Mega helo for MS
  173. Emissions tuning
  174. MS-Idle Control Valve-Anyone use one with MSnS-e?
  175. EFI? mapping? timing? info?
  176. What to do with PCV and CPR when doing ms
  177. Which wires can you junk on stock harness
  178. What is the last sensor in the head (b21ft)
  179. 960 mods
  180. megasquirt and e-fan
  181. MS and cold idle control valves....
  182. Hall vs. VR MSnS triggering
  183. Stupid MAF/MAP sensor question
  184. how big is to big!
  185. Software programming
  186. MS for me
  187. MS vs all others
  188. MegaSquirt and B30
  189. Hall Sensor
  190. recommended injectors for MS
  191. where are you guys putting your IAT's?
  192. Cannot connect to MS controller problems.
  193. Anyone running Tec3?
  194. Injector problems (dont seem to ground through MS)
  195. No Engine RPM signal
  196. Another no RPM signal
  197. 2.5 bar MAP sensor not enough...
  198. Got It Started!
  199. GM Temp Sensors
  200. USB-Serial Problems...
  201. IAT retard = good
  202. Megasquirt for LH 3.1?
  203. MS & MSD? MS parts...
  204. Datalogging and Matt's NB tuning guide
  205. Ignition only system
  206. MS and A/C
  207. downloading the manual
  208. v2.2 or v3... which would you do?
  209. What is up with my datalog?
  210. To TPS or not to TPS...
  211. tech edge problems... could use a bit of advice from someone who's been there...
  212. haltech harness??
  213. Shielded wire
  214. MS and lousy gas mileage!
  215. holden/buick v6 inj on B28E
  216. 850tb Idle air control?? W/ MS
  217. Converting from MS to 'N Spark on b20
  218. Easiest way to trigger B21FT (for MSnS+E)?
  219. For the D-Jet crowd
  220. Techedge problems
  221. Using MS to control CIS frequency valve
  222. I NEED VE table!
  223. How do you guys tune and run at 12psi+?
  224. Lh 3.1 Bracket
  225. Haltech F9A with MSD on a rexx car
  226. MS soldering almost done... what extra stuff would you wire in?
  227. Emissions failure, what went wrong?
  228. yes msns-e runs!!!...then cuts out
  229. Fuel Pump not turning on [MS]
  230. MAP-sensed load measurement; changing intercooler
  231. "Mark Reset" in Datalogs
  232. SMT6 maps.
  233. Has this been done yet ??
  234. Why isnt anyone using Megasquirt II?
  235. Firewall harness connnector, B21FT, grey
  236. 149 module?
  237. Volvo 760 1983 B23ET Fuel Map Request... Help me!
  238. Not quite starting...
  239. Why does my car idle like ****?
  240. EMS on a common rail diesel engine?
  241. Which fuel relay to use with MS?
  242. Fuel pump relay wiring for MS on 240
  243. Msns on the V3.0 Mainboard
  244. MAP sensor and Direct ignition
  245. VEMS - anyone heard of this?
  246. Another Fast Idle Valve Thread
  247. Convert to MSNS from Motronic, ignition difficulty?
  248. HELP Hall Sensor, V3 MSnS-E
  249. MT2.25 no longer Beta
  250. 29i update failure