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volvorod85 06-23-2005 12:43 AM

MS install, stupid hell sensor question....
Ya not a typo, the hall sensor on the back of the head has 3 pins, 1 2 and 3....or - 0 + ....im pretty sure i have it right and i just happened to get the one bad hall sensor in the whole junk yard, but the

- is ground, the braided sheild in the harness
0 is the green wire, signal to the MS pin 25
+ is red, 12V with the 10 ohm resistor

Mind you the colors are from the origional volvo harness, just want to get someone else to tell me its hooked up right before I go and hunt down another hall sensor.

BTW, I followed schematic #2 and used the 10 OHM resistor for the dizzy, the 390 OHM on pin 24, and the green wire or RPM signal from the hall sensor to pin 25 and jumped X11 tp XG1 as shown in the pic on the MSnS site...thanks for the help

Also, I took the dizzy out and put ground on the - and 12v on the + and had the meter on the center pin (0) and got no switching at all, its stuck on zero volts....

blkaplan 06-23-2005 10:05 AM

i think when i did my install, it might of gotten wired backwards temporarily and it blew something up on the megasquirt board, threw a different board in and it worked like a charm. i remember the voltage fluctations when spinning it by hand were very small

volvorod85 06-23-2005 01:59 PM

Nope, did my wiring perfect, double and triple checked it, .....took the dizzy towork today and checked it one more time, grounded the - 12v on the + and nothing out of the 0 terminal....im gonna try to find a dizzy now...

soooo close!!!!

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