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itlksez 04-09-2021 01:05 PM

Ballast Resistor?
1987 740, B230f, LH-Jetronic 2.2

Quick question: I swapped this engine into an old Jeep. I had an issue with power to the coil during the swap, so I ran 12v directly to the coil (through a diode so I could shut it off) from the ignition switch. If Iím bypassing wherever the coil power came from before, do I need an external ballast resistor in this power source? Two different coils for the same application on rockauto; one says it needs external resistor, one says not required.

I just donít want to fry anything by not running one if the prior setup had one built in.


dl242gt 04-09-2021 02:20 PM

That setup should be using the 124 ignition amp with a 117EZK box. No, that setup doesn't use a ballast resistor if you are using the stock coil.

itlksez 04-09-2021 02:50 PM

Awesome. Thank you so much.

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