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GrungeWagon 07-24-2020 07:38 PM

New/Old member from the US
Hello turbobricks,

I was a member here years ago for a few years and haven’t a clue what my user name was. Recently I acquired a 740 station wagon and thought I’d come back home. I was a well behaved member mainly posting in the mechanical section.

We’ve owned 240 variants, 7xx/9xx series, and I grew up fixing the herd of 240’s with my grandfather. I really do love 240’s but since they are considered cool now I thought I would go back to the 80’s. I honestly miss my flagrantly 80’a IROC. Oh yeah, Whitesnake playing with the T-Tops off, me and the misses in full denim.

Ok, I had my IROC in the 2000’s and mostly had King Crimson, Rush, Tool and the like and the stereo.

Glad to be back and I’ll see you around the board

2turbotoys 07-24-2020 08:46 PM

Welcome back :cheers:

boostdemon 07-30-2020 06:15 PM

If you figure out what your old username was (or email) I can merge them for you.
Welcome back

GrungeWagon 08-02-2020 09:48 PM

Thanks gents. Glad to see you

LC4CARL 08-04-2020 08:13 PM

"Well behaved?"


GrungeWagon 08-08-2020 11:17 AM

I know it sounds suspicious but it is true. :)
Anyway I dont have the quick wit for a successful ot career

mikep 08-12-2020 08:22 PM


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