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thelostartof 11-26-2006 08:15 PM

How to setup a 15g/16t/18t/19t for RWD
i know a smart man would not do this as it MIGHT hurt my selling of turbo business BUT i'm more about helping people so here goes

ok so first you get the turbo unbolt everything, and take it apart remove the guide pins ... haha and clean it (i have pics of this but i need to find them so i'll add them later)

and NOW from there you assemble it pics should speak more than words .. if you have any questions please ask


notice the drilled out hole... you need to remove the two studs and drill out the holes so it fits a 90+

now once you figure out the clocking of the center you drop it in and reinstall the snap ring (two ways to align it one is by eye and the other i will NOT tell)

remember the oil feed hole goes on TOP

now it is easy .. just clock/align the turbine with the center and bolt it on .. i have two ways of doing this one is by eye and the other i will not tell because i am a punk

once it is all together a quick and easy bracket will do the job(it is really thin and there is a nut welded onto the back of the actuator to space it off just a little to keep the thing bracket from bending along with should be enough toget some good preload and adjustment of the arm

you can see the nut i welded on for spacing

so there ya go .. does that help anyone? or make anyone want to buy a turbo from me? hehe

one key that i might not of mentioned was that if you are swaping in a Mitsu TD04HL into a 90+ turbo car will drop in with all of the OEM oil feed and return lines unless your car has a T25 in which the feed does work but requires one hell of a custom WG setup

if you have an older turbo car you WILL need to get the mitsu oil feed and return lines along w/ the water cooling lines and banjo bolts off another 90+ turbo car

OR you could build your own custom line .. which there are other threads with that info in that i will link here once i find them

Oreo931 11-26-2006 08:19 PM

yes! i am going to be buying a turbo from you after/during my winter break...i believe it starts the 14th and i will start working soon after that...so be prepared for me to be buying a turbo from you between mid december-late january! :) i cant wait.

thelostartof 11-26-2006 08:20 PM

oh and those who like pimp my ride .. you can do the same your turbo turbo with a little metallic flake paint


PetesDustyVolvo 11-26-2006 08:37 PM

snap rings for the mfl :-P not really

man this makes me think maybe i should rewrite the fuel injector guides when I get home

gj mike

thelostartof 11-26-2006 09:30 PM

snap rings are so so so easy

1000x easier than those bolts on teh t3 ... i hate removing those. i took apart like 3 t3's this weekend, and two 15g's ...mmm turbos

PetesDustyVolvo 11-26-2006 10:09 PM


Originally Posted by thelostartof (Post 975718)
snap rings are so so so easy

1000x easier than those bolts on teh t3 ... i hate removing those. i took apart like 3 t3's this weekend, and two 15g's ...mmm turbos

dont tell anyone there are only 5/6 bolts on my exhaust housing

JW240 11-27-2006 10:38 AM

ok thanks for the writeup. There is a 15G with 20k miles for sale at the moment, maybe i'll pick it up... :-D

Isnt it possible/easyer to use the actuator of a 13C?

thelostartof 11-27-2006 11:31 AM

not really, i'll get some pics of a 13c actuator i have here, the issue is the 13c actuator is weaker than the 15g one .. so up to you to use what you want. and the 13c one will not just bolt to the 15g it still requires a bracket to fit

smith_t240 11-27-2006 11:42 AM

Mike does awesome work, if you can't tell.

ikyikthe1st 11-27-2006 02:38 PM

I definitely think I'll be buying one of these...after I find a car to put it in, of course. :D

Hank Scorpio 11-27-2006 02:58 PM

the snap ring on holsets are like 200000# of tension. OMG

thelostartof 11-27-2006 02:59 PM

send me a holset i'll see if i can remove it

thelostartof 12-06-2006 09:13 AM

bump for the new working TB

Mesoam 12-06-2006 09:52 AM

you should just pickup a bunch of 90+ mani's and sell the turbo/mani's ready to bolt on...

thelostartof 12-06-2006 10:45 AM

i have like 3 90+ here so

what i need to do is find a place to get 8v head flanges and make custom manifolds with these turbos and sell bolt on manifold/turbo/downpipe setups

Aoder1 12-06-2006 11:32 AM

holy cow, i want a 15g, but i have no funds, but i will seek here for when i have $$$$

BDKR 12-06-2006 05:37 PM

Just as an addendum, make sure you get the clocking right or else you'll find that your oil return is in the way of wg actuator arm. If the CHRA is allready clamped onto the turbine housing, you can loosen the clamp (don't remove it) then rotate the CHRA a little. You can also loosen the snap ring a little and rotate the comp housing without removal.

Can you tell I had to this a little bit? :oops: :)

Good write up Mike!

thelostartof 12-06-2006 05:45 PM

well if you have a 13c handy you can clock it off that, or just throw it on the car and mark it where it SHOULD be with the oil return bolted in and no compressor housing on it .. and then go from there and make teh WG bracket

B Mac66 12-20-2006 05:46 PM

i have a 95 redblock with 60k miles on it sitting on my garage floor....manifold is on it, but no turbo...is this something i should look into?? the 15g is off an 850??

thelostartof 12-20-2006 05:51 PM

yes it is a very nice upgrade for pretty cheap

and yes the conical 15g's were off the 94-96(early) 850's

Unregistered 12-20-2006 07:54 PM

I want to purchase one of your turbos and a down pipe if possible. I cannot pm you because I am registered but unable to post. I tried to register again, but I never get the confirmation email to activate me. Can you please give me some other way to contact you? Also, if someone is reading this that can fix my registration, I would appreciate it as this is causing a delay in my Brick's progress...and my need for boosted goodness ;)


Unregistered 12-20-2006 07:55 PM

I forgot...my registered name is NC244GLT

thelostartof 12-20-2006 08:11 PM

right now the only turbo i have is a fully rebuilt 15g that i still need to setup(it is being rebuilt right now) so ... $450 dshipped for that one

and you can contact me @ thelostartof at thelostartof.net

Unregistered 12-20-2006 09:00 PM

So that one would be basically "new" condition clocked to RWD? Do you have DP's available yet?

amargill19? 12-20-2006 09:10 PM

kool. so whats the ideal turbo for a +T... on an 89 b230f+t with greentops and lh2.4 244?

not runnign super high boost levels, but something to flow well and create boost at lower rpms. (if that makes any kind of sense?)

mitsu? garett? water cooled? oil cooled.... i know nothing 'bout turbos except that my buddies garette t2 on the sunterd had to be rebuild and had a sticky wastegate.

my idea is to slowly collect crap from 700's/900's until i have time/patience to do this

i'll will also think of you when i'm looking for a turbo, i wouldnt wanna pull a junkyard one.. rebuilt me thinks would be good

- Amar

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