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pat244ti 07-27-2016 10:14 PM

As of this moment, nope.

Mr.bigTurboMan 07-28-2016 04:07 AM

I had dream last night that I drove an 1800ES with an Alfa Romeo v6.

I think its a sign that you should do that.

Shifted 07-28-2016 04:09 AM

That wasn't a dream, that was a nightmare. :-P

pat244ti 07-28-2016 12:23 PM

I had thoughts of getting PRV'erted with it but I'm just gonna keep it simple.

B20 w/dual side drafts or LH 2.2

pat244ti 08-02-2016 05:46 PM

Went to the Bay Area this weekend to go to a couple of Giants games, and do a loop to pick up parts.

Went to Kens to get some stuff for the 140 mostly but he donated a b20 KJet intake manifold in the name of science.

Went to Windsor afterwards, met an old gentlemen who had some nice 1800 stuff he was selling as a lot for $160. I was mostly in it for the near perfect windshield that came out of his 71 1800, but I got a good amount of spares for the 1800 and the 140 to keep and other random bits and bobs I can sell.


Fiddled with the KJet intake today. Initially I was thinking of welding an LH throttle body on the end of it, but after some looking at it I figured it would be easier to swap parts between the two. The throttle plate is the exact same size between the two, the only difference being the LH throttle body has a half moon slot on one end of the shaft for the TPS to mount to.


On one side, I'll just have to weld up a nut along where the casting is in the center with a screw through it to serve as a throttle stop/idle adjustment.
On the other side, it will just be a matter of properly mounting the plate that mounts the TPS. Also need to get new seals that pop around the each end of the shaft

Kinda cool finding out things are not that hard :nod:

Thanks Ken again for the manifold!

pat244ti 07-01-2018 01:20 PM


Needed motivation on this thing, so I bought some slightly used 205/65/15 Uniroyal's and slapped them on the MSW's I've been threatening to sell to fund the rally car.

Speaking of the rally car, I have a 1983 244DL I bought cheap off Crazychopstick. The panels that are not rusted are getting used as backups for the rally car. The car has a really tight B23F [10.3:1!] and since nobody wants my OHC mounts or T5 stuff, I guess I will plan on using it for the ES. I sold the 75 B20 I had for this months ago after I found out it needed more work than expected.

pat244ti 07-11-2018 10:13 PM

So this newfound motivation is [kind of] going places.

The car was repainted by Maaco literally a week after it was purchased in 1973. While I believe they did it in #42 California White, I am not 100% certain. I took the hood to a local auto paint place and had them match it. I only bought a pint, but I think it should be enough to do the spots where the rust repairs were done. My plan down the line is to finish all the nitpicky bodywork like the roof rack holes a few years from now and do a whole paint job.

Also, my significant other works for Specialized Bicycles, which is down the road from Iroll Motors. Had her pick up a windshield seal as well as new trim clips and a few other miscellenous items to complete the outside of the car again. I have a glass guy coming to put the windshield in next week.


My plan right now is to still work my way from the outside of the car to the inside to make it complete again. Once that is done I should have my drivetrain plans sorted out.

I ended up selling my Bob Foltz upright mounts, as well as my T5 adapter. I am going this weekend to look at a 1994 850 sedan with a thrashed interior and exterior but most importantly an M56. Apparently it runs great and the price is more than right. I am going to drive it for a little bit while I put my C30 down for a new timing belt, water pump, axle and and exhaust system.

Plan with the 850 after that is to strip it and crush it. The M56 swap bits will fetch me back some money, and maybe some other parts too. But the engine as well as the ECU's will be saved for the 1800. It will stay naturally aspirated using the factory engine management, an 850 cluster and an M90 or a T5 behind it.

doucheNozzle 07-11-2018 11:13 PM

Why was it repainted?

matt b 07-11-2018 11:31 PM


Originally Posted by doucheNozzle (Post 5824726)
Why was it repainted?

Judging by the gold patches where the trim and accessories were, I'd guess it was a color change.

pat244ti 07-12-2018 12:24 PM


Originally Posted by matt b (Post 5824732)
Judging by the gold patches where the trim and accessories were, I'd guess it was a color change.


I had a long conversation with the 95 year old lady [in 2008] I bought it from before I made an offer on the car, because I could tell she had an attachment to the car I wanted to listen. She mentioned they [her and her husband who owned the car] originally wanted a white one, but the dealer had the gold one ready to go. Her husband was part of a jazz group in SF and people in the group joked the gold was too flashy. It also did not stand out enough when they would go duck hunting in the central valley so it went to Maaco to get shot in white.

I kinda actually want to leave it looking the way it is with the white outside and gold jambs/engine bay just as a nod to the original owners before me. Part of what was bugging me when I was trying to sell it was I gave my word to the lady that I would make it really sweet some day. Hope to someday drive it to that house she lived at in hopes that at least her family is still there to see the car.

pat244ti 07-16-2018 01:23 PM

Sad news, not related to the car itself though. However it does provide motivation for this project

I went to a wedding in Saratoga yesterday, around the corner from the house I bought the ES from.

I drove a few blocks away to that street after the wedding, looking for the 1 acre ranch she lived on with the little house built in the 50's next to Saratoga creek. She told me her husband built that house.

I had doubt she would be present, seeing as how she would be 105 years old now.

Instead of the seeing the property with a little house, the entire property is now one big modern mega mansion. There was a Tesla P80D, Porsche Panamera and two Land Rovers parked outside. The smell of uber rich tech bro almost made me gag.

I officially want to do the fattest ****ing burnout ever, in the ES, right in front of that house :cameron:

amerbritcan 07-22-2018 11:16 AM

I love the new goal. Sad to hear about the old house being gone. I love old houses

pat244ti 06-25-2020 01:04 PM


So for the most part, my rally car is done. Yeah, I am swapping the front suspension and doing some driveline work [built T5, yoshi clutch and flywheel] but it's passed tech, done two rallies so the heavy lifting is done.

Back in February, I got a pretty bad concussion that I am still feeling the effects of, mostly with my vision. Rallying is not the safest thing to do if lights and movement are triggering migraines. Between that and COVID pushing everything back to October/November [I'm not a health expert but I am not liking the forecast of it right now...], I have kind of abandoned plans to compete in any events this year and just want to take it easy and take care of my head.

I feel like one thing that would be good for my head would be finishing projects I have not completed. This 1800ES being one of them.

One thing I did at the start of quarantine was strip down an 850 Motronic 4.4 harness to be a standalone harness I could drop in a chassis. I got some wiring also from a 960 and added coil on plug. Karl Buchka hooked me up a while back with a shortened 960 pan, pickup and shortened water pipes. I thought this would be the ticket to go into the 1800 eventually.

About a month ago I took a long hard look at the car and thought to myself why I was not driving it right now. My plan initially was to make the body and paint flawless, as well as the interior and make it a proper show car. I thought it would only do it justice seeing as how they are increasing so much in value.

But part of me was just saying screw it, **** how it looks and just drive the damn thing again. I figured the best course of action would be to do a more tried and true engine conversion as opposed to sticking a whiteblock in it.

I noticed recently Josh at Yoshifab came up with some slant mounts for the vintage models to swap an OHC engine in. I previously had a set of Bob Foltz mounts to put a redblock straight up in this car, but I sold them. I like the idea of the slant mount much better since it allows for way more space.


Back in late 2017, I purchased a 1983 244DL w/automatic from Chris Ng. It was cheap, I needed some wheels soon to take my C30 off the road for a few minor repairs so I rented a car and drove down to LA where Chris was at the time.

After a few months, the car served it's use. I put it on non op, than proceeded to part it out and cut the body up to possibly use someday on my racecars if they ever got wadded up. Don't feel too bad - the car had rust, and as I tore it apart I actually discovered it was 2 240's welded together!!! The entire passenger side, from about a foot behind the firewall, about 2 feet in from the side all the way down to the back end of the car was part of another 240.


The engine from it, a high comp B23, sat in my driveway under a tarp the past two years. I've recently been mentoring a kid on how different systems on a car work, so I figured I would save myself from getting dirty [it's the dirtiest redblock I have ever seen] and let him tear it down, all the while explaining what does what on the engine


It's stripped down now, and with all the ports covered I have been spraying it occasionally with diesel and it's starting to actually look like a redblock again.

Back before Oregon Trail last year, I took the MSW 15x7's I had on the ES off of it. I mostly wanted to use the pristine Uniroyal Tiger Paw tires they had on my rally car to do all of the street driving required to break in the differential and sort out any other issues. With a week to go, I looked at my budget and it looked grim. So I sold the MSW's for $500. I had nothing to put on the 1800 besides some stock C30 wheels I had taken off of my DD. They looked really sad sitting on the rollers with flat tires [no valve stems]

There's a lot more to a project like this than wheels, but I got tired of looking at the C30 wheels with flat tires so I picked up some Remotecs from Mike Howells. These wheels I believe are part of Turbobricks lore, as they may have been the source of "paint the centers gold and sell for $1000"


You can see in those pics where the rust repairs have been performed. Instead of a full paint job, I am going to try and blend the paint myself. Besides painting race cars, I have no real auto body experience. The car has collected some dings and scratches from being parked in that somewhat cramped garage. I'll attack those too.

Well, now that I have an update on this I guess I will keep rolling with this finally :)

[Also if I change plans with the drivetrain one more time I need sense smacked into me]

Duder 06-25-2020 01:48 PM

Right on man. Get it back on the road - we will keep you in line!

Screw perfect paint and bodywork. It detracts from the enjoyment of a car. You'll save so much time and money.

With some spot blending of paint that car will look more than respectable after it's put back together. White is easy...not too hard to match and it's the most forgiving color in terms of hiding dents and dings. Buff it out a bit before you try to color match, as the color might change due to fading.

What's the plan for engine management and induction on the B23? What about trans choices?

pat244ti 06-25-2020 02:07 PM


Originally Posted by Duder (Post 6091705)
What's the plan for engine management and induction on the B23? What about trans choices?

I picked up an M47 w/240 xmember, STS flywheel and a low mile clutch [even though I could tell the guy I bought it from did a few gnarly clutch drops with it....] fairly cheap the other day


I was thinking of using the T5 from the rally car since I've got a built one going in, but I have a buddy with a 242 that wants a T5 swap so I am going to use those parts on his car. An M47 will be fine I feel like, because of it's rarity and my power goals I don't really see myself driving the car in serious anger ever.

Part of me is wanting to use up some of my LH 2.2/breakerless ignition parts stash and run one of my many spare non-notched flywheels [and sell the STS one] - but on the other hand after seeing what Kyle has been doing with the General Leif on 2.4 on an NA engine and fairly minor work, I'm kind of debating going that route seeing as how I have the right flywheel sitting here. Gear oil is getting changed so it would not be hard to add a strip for the speed sensor and I believe the diff cover from a 2.4 car will bolt up.

white855T 06-25-2020 02:58 PM

I will buy the flywheel if it's in good shape and not worn down. I did try to buy flywheel from the seller that you got whole trans setup from. Keep me in mind if you do want to sell flywheel.

pat244ti 06-25-2020 03:00 PM


Originally Posted by white855T (Post 6091734)
I will buy the flywheel if it's in good shape and not worn down. I did try to buy flywheel from the seller that you got whole trans setup from. Keep me in mind if you do want to sell flywheel.

It's not worn down, it does have some minor surface cracking/scoring in some areas where the disc made heavy contact on said clutch dumps.

pat244ti 06-27-2020 10:49 PM

The stuff for the engine [gaskets/seals, cam and gear] will be here this coming week, so in the meantime I needed the engine to be ready for it.

As mentioned, the engine was incredibly dirty. It was dirty in the car, than it sat outside under a tarp for two years.

I had a gallon of diesel laying around [which is weird, because I have not owned a diesel powered car or truck in years] and decided since there was a thick, baked on layer of road grime mostly on the passenger side [like 1/4 inch thick!] I'd soak it down with that and give it a scrape before doing any spraying.


Gave it a good spraydown with my pressure washer [note - don't park any vehicles you care about nearby....sorry Durango] and after drying I hit it a couple times with some Super Clean. After a few sprays and rinses it came out great.


I also gave the M47 I picked up a wash just so I don't have to handle something heavy and dirty. Surprisngly this was a challenge, as there was some weird coating of glue/silicone almost all over the transmission that presented a challenge to remove.


Tomorrow I am going to Pick N Pull to get a few more bits for the LH conversion [couple MAF's I hid last week, an ECU, injectors]

I am still a bit undecided on how I am going to pump fuel to the engine. I am thinking the stock d-jet pump will suffice but I am wanting something more serviceable in terms of price and availability in the event of failure. I am thinking of possibly adapting an in-tank setup.

Vol242vo 06-27-2020 10:57 PM

Very cool. Awesome results with the cleaning.

pat244ti 06-28-2020 09:58 PM


Originally Posted by Vol242vo (Post 6092469)
Very cool. Awesome results with the cleaning.

Thanks. It was windy, so I had to watch my breathing with the Super Clean in the air. That stuff does wonders for cleaning dirty car stuff, just keep it away from the eyes, skin and mouth.

Went to Pick n Pull today and scored the rest of the non-brand new items for the drivetrain.

x5 S60 2.4 #9470229 EV6 injectors [23lb/hr and 240cc/min at 3bar] & wiring pigtail
x1 007 MAF
x1 LH 2.2 NA ECU
x1 LH 2.2 wiring harness to cut apart and modify
X4 Carnitas Tacos
x1 Guava Jarritos

and some misc brackets and pieces missing from my engine [lift brackets and the fuel pump drive cover plate]

I already had 3 extra LH 2.2 MAF's, but I figured another would not hurt so I could have 1 extra for each 2.2 car.

The injectors should be a good improvement over stock with a better spray pattern. I'm not going too crazy with the engine just want it to run smoother. My plan is to run a 405 or 398 kjet head to put the injectors closer to the intake valve.

Going to start pulling the harness apart tomorrow to clean it up and reroute a few things, namely the fused power inside the interior and a few other bits. I am going to leave the alternator stuff alone, because I am not sure yet how or where it will be mounted [I'll know once it is in the engine bay]

Also it has nothing to do with the car but the Moss Landing Pick N Pull has the best tacos ever.

pat244ti 07-13-2020 12:17 PM

Not a whole lot to report. Been busy getting engaged, and also bought a 1970 Ford F100 last week - which the 1800ES would look cool on a trailer getting pulled by it.

Cut some new boards for some racks so I finally have some shelving in the makeshift garage.


Harald sent me down a B21F intake I will be running on the car - with the engine tilted over, according to my measurements it will be a close fit but it should work. I will just need to rethink the throttle linkage a little.

I also bought a 398 head off ebay from a 240T, so I decided to start test fitting everything


I had to bend the fuel feed line a little bit, and I will need to lop off a few tabs here and there, and braze on a new one to mount the rail to the head. With it mounted this low into the head, it has enough clearance to run the vented B21F valve cover


Head is going off to the machine shop to get resurfaced this week. In the meantime I think I might start touching up the paint in the engine bay

122power 07-14-2020 02:07 AM

Are those non resistor injectors? Thats a good idea on the location for the injectors I was wondering why you wanted that head.
Also if you need to clean dirty parts Ive used gas. Not the ideal thing but it cleans crap up super fast and nice.

pat244ti 07-14-2020 12:16 PM


Originally Posted by 122power (Post 6096977)
Are those non resistor injectors? Thats a good idea on the location for the injectors I was wondering why you wanted that head.
Also if you need to clean dirty parts Ive used gas. Not the ideal thing but it cleans crap up super fast and nice.

Castrol Super Clean is what I have always used. One round of that, let it sit for a little bit, one more spray and pressure wash gets everything good.

And the injectors, according to some research I did with the PN's won't need a resistor pack.

pat244ti 08-23-2020 01:39 PM

I've been working a little more on this lately. I had been super busy with some work and also prepping to get married which was scheduled for yesterday but has been postponed due to local wildfires. Instead, I started wrapping things up with the engine which I will post on later.

I took all these pictures back in 2008 of the 1800ES at Waddell Beach. My typical routine for any car I do major work on that requires a road test, I drive to Waddell Beach and back since it's a mix of freeway, surface streets with stop and go and it's just a wonderful drive.

One of the fires in the CZU complex fire started at Waddell Beach last week and has grown and linked up with other fires in the Santa Cruz Mountains and has burned 70k+ acres. Just in Volvo friends alone I know about a half dozen that have had to evacuate :-(


brickcupra 08-23-2020 01:51 PM

OMG!!!! Os sad to hear all these sad news in Cal. Praying that all this stuff plus covid takes a slower pace so we Tbrickers and the rest of the world can return to a certain new normal
Please be safe !!!
Greetings from the Windy City

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