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DD Ranch 09-20-2022 10:37 PM

HVAC tubing source?
The vacuum tube from the manifold back through the firewall to the heater box that controls the vents, has somehow shrunk on my 91 240. So I think it best I replace the whole length.

Local Hose and Hydraulics don't have tubing that small. Anyone know of a source or even the actual internal diameter. I know the ext dia is 5mm.


bgpzfm142 09-21-2022 12:54 AM

That hose is p/n 943999.

OD is 6.5mm
ID is 2.5mm

Volvopartswebstore and some others have it listed as available.

tjanson 09-21-2022 07:13 AM

Is this the plastic tube/hose? Belmetric has a few sizes of small polyamid tube, M2x4 and M3x5. One of those might work if you don't want to use the Volvo PN.

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