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supreme940 03-29-2021 08:03 PM

Eaton TrueTrac worth it?
I've been gathering a ton of parts over the past few months for a 16V turbo + T5WC setup.

I'm just curious as to if it's worth it to rebuild the axle with a TrueTrac 912A588 Locker or if it's worthwhile / cost effective to swap in another axle like an Explorer 8.8 with disc brakes (I know this usually requires cut & weld of the whole axle tube and shaft).

I'd rather not do all these upgrades to the stock dana 30 and have it explode or something.

Harlard 03-29-2021 08:18 PM


gsellstr 03-30-2021 12:21 AM

I haven't enjoyed mine for about....eh....45 minutes. 100k on mine so far, worth every dang penny.

shoestring 03-31-2021 01:44 PM

Also yes

dl242gt 03-31-2021 02:28 PM

I'm an early user with one. It has been well worth it.

supreme940 03-31-2021 03:06 PM

Sweet, thanks guys! TrueTrac will be ordered :)

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