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Roger Berglund 04-28-2012 03:15 PM

Rogers Volvo 244 - 75 turbo,sweden style!
My volvo 244 from 75 :), not rusty at all!.

i had i get a hold of a Getrag M51 also known as Getrag 262 ( Bmw ) with an addapter plate.


This is the Sneaky turbo charged engine a had last year.

it didn perform as good as i wanted so i have to made some changes :lol:



iam not so very good at project threads but i well try my best to update this thred if there is any intrest in this volvo project.

sorry for my bad english

Redwood Chair 04-28-2012 03:28 PM


Roger Berglund 04-28-2012 03:36 PM

thank you :)

DNAsEqUeNcE 04-28-2012 04:52 PM

Howdy Roger!

Impressive what you got there, I like how the second configuration looks in the 75!

Roger Berglund 04-29-2012 05:33 AM

thank you :) , i have a long way to go before it is finished.
i just order some parts from Autobahn88.co.uk for my volvo.
becouse every thing is very big so it isnt very much space left.

so i have found a raditor that will fit my car very well .
the Size of the radiator ;
50mm thick
360mm leaght
420mm hight + raditor cap.

with that raditor + a 65*c thermostat from a marine setup.
and i will of course build an good fan shroud so think there will not by any overheating problems.

My secound setup for this car is ;
B230 FB
531 head with better springs @ 7500 rpm at least
Ajden exhaust manifold
Custom intake manifold made by me
1200 cc injectors
Bosch motorsport spole
3,5" throttle body
Intercooler ; cell packet 600x350x115mm
with 3,5" fittings

Holset hx 40 super with 19# exhaust house

Autronic sm4 with external boost valve to regulate the pressure.

Roger Berglund 05-01-2012 08:11 AM

i was wondering where all u you guys at turbobricks are buying coilovers and other stuff , cheapest?. it isnt so very cheap in sweden actully :/
it pays off to buy parts from usa and london etc.

this engine that iam build is going to land about 360 whp.
so i really wants some handling to the car also :).
the chassie is orginal from 75 :/.

is there any company in usa och london thats is selling some "drift" parts to volvo 240 ?
quicker steering etc.

Kind regards Roger

Roger Berglund 05-03-2012 03:27 PM


http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h1...l/IMG_0911.jpg (borrowed image)

Iam going to use ;
Autometer Sport-comp guages series.

oil pressure
water temp
Fuel level meter.

and VEMS lamda round meter ( vems.hu )

Roger Berglund 05-03-2012 03:30 PM

this is with the sneaky turbo setup :)

amerbritcan 05-05-2012 10:30 AM

check out http://www.kaplhenke.com/

I tend to think of their stuff as awesome, but particularly expensive, but if you think it's cheaper then have at it! The owner of the company is an active member here too.

Roger Berglund 05-06-2012 02:35 PM


Roger Berglund 06-14-2012 03:48 PM


I am saving some money to soon buy some speed parts from Rsi international :).
polytheran kit and engine mount, transmision etc.

doucheNozzle 06-14-2012 05:38 PM

Um hello. That looks fun.

DNAsEqUeNcE 06-15-2012 12:58 AM

insug :drool:

Harlard 06-15-2012 01:08 AM

Very nice :oogle:

Roger Berglund 06-17-2012 08:41 AM


amerbritcan 06-17-2012 11:58 AM

the hot side of that intercooler looks great, the cold side of it looks like a bunch of those bends are unnecessary? couldn't it just do the same 90deg, followed by a 180deg in the opposite way?

diponyou 06-17-2012 12:42 PM

This is gonna be awesome. Very nice.

blueinportland 06-17-2012 02:29 PM

Wow, sweet car.

Roger Berglund 06-17-2012 03:54 PM


Originally Posted by amerbritcan (Post 4213390)
the hot side of that intercooler looks great, the cold side of it looks like a bunch of those bends are unnecessary? couldn't it just do the same 90deg, followed by a 180deg in the opposite way?

The only way to do that is to move the intercooler more forward ..but then i cant have the orginal Hood closer... i know that it is a alot of 90 deg but it is the only way to keep the real Sleaper mode

Roger Berglund 06-18-2012 05:07 PM


Autometer M-metric style ftw! ;D.

Roger Berglund 06-22-2012 04:57 AM


MadDog_945 06-22-2012 08:37 AM

uh... i love the look of these clean dashs with autometer thingys... :D

Roger Berglund 06-24-2012 08:20 AM


so now the dash is complete :)

Roger Berglund 07-15-2012 07:43 PM


Roger Berglund 07-23-2012 11:01 AM

i just need som more welding to the intake manifold and then i need some new raditor hose to fit the honda civic cooler.

so it sould be a Start-up in very short notice :).

and i also have ordered a CNC ported 530 head.
with 13,55 lift , Titan reatiners and Fullrace springs .
maximum rpm range about 9200 ;-)

and the max output with that head is about 700 hp. and then the holset hx 40 pro will be to small for the engine.

it will be a Dyno-thread when the car is complet

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