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autoloclys 07-28-2021 09:25 PM

240 AC system woes
The AC in my 92 240 wagon is causing me sadness. It works for about 1 cycle then wonít come back on. If been trying to verify that the pressure switch at the drier is bad or sticking.

-if I tap the switch the compressor cycles on
-whenever I test the switch for continuity it is always closed
-if the connector is jumped the compressor runs smoothly
-pressure in the system seems ok, around 80 psi with the compressor off and high 30ís when itís running

Is there any other switch or weak point in the system I should check before opening the system and changing the switch?

bobxyz 07-29-2021 09:17 AM

There's normally a schrader valve in the switch port of the accumulator/dryer so that you can change the switch without losing much refrigerant. I have no idea how well they work after many years of being held open by the switch.

volvowagoon 07-29-2021 09:22 AM

Which side are you getting that pressure reading from? Either way, that is not what you want to see.

autoloclys 07-29-2021 08:01 PM

Measuring at the low side port on the drier.

What are normal pressures? This is an R12 system that has been converted to R134

TestPoint 07-29-2021 08:50 PM

80 static, 30 running is not far off expected.

cleanflametrap 07-30-2021 04:32 PM

I had one like that. First I suspected the connector was dirty. After cleaning and tightening the connector I patted myself on the back because it seemed to work again. For a day.

Next, I put a test light across the terminals of the switch. The light would be off when the compressor was engaged. It would flicker on when it quit cooling, and off again when tapped on the pressure switch. I didn't even hear a puff when I pulled the old switch to replace it with a new one. Omitted the pat on the back for the rest of the season. Nothing like self-congratulation to jinx a fix.

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