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Pietercc 05-07-2021 04:33 PM

Aq131 rods in standard b230
Quick question, I've got rods out of an aq131, which are shorter than the standard rods, and use a different crank. If i throw the shorter rods on a standard crank that should lower compression, then more boost could be thrown at it right? Or should I grab the crank from the aq131 as well?

dl242gt 05-07-2021 09:16 PM

What version of automotive engine is the AQ131 based on? If the engine is based on the earlier B21/B23 design the rods are shorter in those engines than a B230 based engine would be. They don't interchange.

hiperfauto 05-07-2021 10:19 PM

As near as I can tell from the online Penta catalogs it's just a B230 and uses standard rods. Even if it were a stroker crank they use the same rods and just change the pin location on the piston.

mikep 05-08-2021 08:52 AM

If you lower the piston in the hole you lose any quench (the outer area on top where it almost hits the head, creating shock waves). No good. You want those shock waves to create turbulence and promote a good burn. The B series heads are bad enough, don't make your situation worse. I almost always try to bring the piston out of the hole with a thicker (.040") gasket. Piston to head clearance varies by diameter and opinion, btw.

gsellstr 05-08-2021 10:13 PM

The AQ131 is just a stock B230. The 151 is the 86mm 8v, the 171 is the 86mm 16v.

turbomant5 05-14-2021 06:33 PM

the aq131 uses the same rods as an automotive b230. the stroked versions of the aq engine family were the aq151 and aq171 they use the same rods with a different crank throw and shorter pistons.

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