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Sweep 04-22-2021 03:05 PM

Useable megasquirt map wanted, acceptable or not?
Not sure if this is acceptable or not as I appreciate people have paid good money to have their cars mapped, or even if it's actually possible to share maps, but I thought I'd ask to see if anyone has a Megasquirt map that's somewhat close to my spec to at least get it running.
B230 with a mildly ported head, KG004 cam (K cam equivalent), custom stainless manifold and HY35, big front mount and 3" pipework, 3" exhaust, 60lb DEKA injectors.

By all means tell me to get stuffed!

Sjeng 04-23-2021 10:29 AM

Ballpark VE guesses should be good enough to get it running, if you set up reqfuel correctly.
Use warmup enrichment settings to add/reduce fuel for the first startup.

VE analyze will do the rest.

For timing I would start with the corresponding volvo ezk settings for your engine.
Make sure to verify timing using a timing light. What trigger settings are you planning to use?

There is really no benefit in copy pasting somebody else's map.

rb92673 04-23-2021 10:30 AM

Someone else's VE table won't help you, but there are a bunch of Ignition Tables and AFR tables posted on this forum. You can build a VE table based upon your engine/injector characteristics and your AFR table, but you will need to tune it from there using autotune or megalog viewer.

My spark map is one this post:


It is for a track only B230FT. There are links to other spark maps in that thread that are probably better than mine.

JohnMc 04-23-2021 11:31 AM

Unfortunately, built Volvo's tend to be a bit more unique, we're not really doing cookie cutter builds. Everyone has a different mix of parts.

When I built my DSM CAS/COP/Sequential injection/16V turbo I asked around a little got a similar response, and it made sense. I just did a 'new' project, did it from scratch, it wasn't nearly as hard as you'd think it would be. Spark table would be good to crib from someone, though. But all the other settings, you're just as likely to get a good starting point by using the tools as you would by copying someone. either way, you're going to have a lot of tuning ahead of you.

142 guy 04-23-2021 11:34 AM

If you need a place to start, use the Ve table generator in the Megamanual


I think there are other Ve generators out there if you go looking. The injector size has no effect on the Ve table as long as you do the flow rate set up correctly in Tuner Studio. The generic Ve table will be good enough to keep the engine running (getting it started is a different exercise) and you can use the Ve analyze function in Tuner Studio to adjust your Ve values to hit your target AFR values. Setting up your target AFR values in the AFR table to achieve maximum power is a totally separate exercise requiring some dyno time. The MegaManual provides some 'indicators' on typical target values for AFR on wide open throttle that are probably as useful as cribbing somebody else's guess at what the AFR targets should be.

For the spark map, I would work backwards from the specifications for the OEM ignition system. The service manual should provide both the centrifugal and vacuum advance rates. If you haven't altered the combustion chamber, valves, compression ratio or quench depth significantly your flame speeds will not be materially different than the original engine so stick with the OEM style curves. If you did manage to improve your turbulence / flame speed compared to OEM you actually want to run with slightly less advance. The only way you are going to find that out is to spend some serious time on a dyno adjusting advance to find peak horsepower.

JohnMc 04-23-2021 11:46 AM

Two good things:
1) It doesn't really need to be all that close to run. Talking broad side of the barn. Engines will run on a wide range of mixtures. Just mostly poorly.
2) Autotune (assuming you're working with a WB O2 sensor) actually works well in Tuner Studio. It used to be a mess back in the MegaTune days. But now? Just drive it gently around for a while, let it carve out the map it needs.

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