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mschultz373 05-17-2021 06:44 PM

240 and 940: recommendations for performance
hi all,

I have an 85 240 (143k miles) in pretty good overall shape and a 94 940T (~228k miles) in okay shape. I can only justify keeping one and would like to make whichever I keep my performance project car. so - what would y'all recommend given your experiences?

my goal is to have a fast, fun car. I don't need it to make 15hr trips across the country really.

I have 3 options in mind.

1) LS swap the 240. Never done an engine swap, but I imagine that'd be the best bang-for-the-buck in terms of overall performance (and fuel economy:roll: )

2) swap engine/trans from 940 into 240. Probably rebuild/reseal engine and do mods (turbo, rods, etc) while the engine is out. maybe go to an aftermarket EMS? idea here is that I really like my 240 body style, and it'd be the cheapest and most immediate way to make that car a performance car since I already have the b230FT and aw31 in the 940 to pull from.

3) make the 940 the performance car. the 940 needs more work overall, but performance mods can easily bolt in. plus - leather interior, sunroof, wider wheel base. it's a comfier car than the 240.

so any thoughts on which of these would have the best pay off would be appreciated. thanks yall.

740atl 05-18-2021 06:20 AM

I think you do the one that causes you to regret your decision the least in the end. The 240 is my favorite body style as well but the 940 is the better platform right now in my honest opinion.A 940 with basic suspension mods (bilstein hd struts/shocks, ipd lowering springs, ipd swaybars, and a decent set of tires) gave me the best handling volvo I’ve ever driven not to mention the 940 already has everything you want in terms of performance. It’s got the better engine, the better transmission, and a locking rear end.

Granted, you can swap everything over to the 240... it’s just labor and time in the end. The 940 engine wiring harness will not swap directly over and you'll need to piece it together. You’ll need to take the rear locking differential out and install it in the 240 and cut the be of the rear axles. Nothing I just mentioned is a deal breaker however.

The 240 if it’s in good shape, is probably the more valuable car now... sell that and use the money to buy what you need for the 940.

fatcatbestcat 05-18-2021 10:20 PM

Remember that once you go LS, it's going to be hard to turn back if you don't like it (or can't live with it).

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