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76RA24 06-01-2021 11:26 PM

1990 245 (millennial falcon)
I have been polluting the VanCity volvos thread with my updates... figured i should just do a thread.

brief history.
bought wagon in 2015 for 600$ approx. 390,000kms
day1 with dads 740

some issues.. bad alternator, no valve cover gasket, exhaust leaks, no guibo joint
leaky fuel pump

Guibo whats that

good points were it was manual rwd wagon.

swapped alternator at farm proceeded to drive 30kms home with no guibo and virtually no valve cover gasket... smokey.

ordered parts from ipd some were bought local.

got the car on the road proper in a couple weeks..

lots of road trips for work ... lots of miles put on had to install some Moog overoad springs

installed Mazda 3 seats at some point

popped a head gasket on my bday one year downtown Van that was fun towed back to mission for dirty replacemnet

re-did headgasket couple months later proper.

at some point I put in a G80, met a Levion at the auto recyclers..

many suspension bushings... some failed new ones. dont buy cheap.

did bilsteins HD, new brakes
need new strut casings mine were 90 with the welded spacer
new ones were still crusty
My old springs were done... the other struts came with better springs.

but got it all cleaned up.

pretty much brings me to now when i had a week off to look for a water leak and ended up cutting rust.

that was 4 months ago...

still finding more.

here is rust repair gallery.


Scaramanga 06-02-2021 09:29 AM

Impressive work with the rust repairs! Well done!

kyote 06-02-2021 10:11 AM

IMGUR blocked at work but props on the name :lol:

76RA24 06-02-2021 10:22 AM

How the hell does Rust start here....

seems to never stop... photo dates accroding to phone say i started this about 4months ago.

76RA24 08-20-2021 11:49 AM

progress has been slow.

I dont like working in the heat. give me the single digits temps again.

rear inner using the weldthru copper stuff... I dont like it as much as the weld thru zinc. but the zinc was sold out at local shop.


dressed down and sealed.

working on the replacement buttcheek

might be the last hole on the inside of the car.

still not sure how I want to address that hole in rear upper crossmember.

I feel like dropping the tank and lowering the axle will be my best method to reach... but getting really tired of not having the volvo on the road.

RedlineDave 08-22-2021 12:04 PM

What year Mazda seats? Easy swap or wielding required?

76RA24 08-22-2021 01:31 PM

2004-2005-ish seats.

will take some pics of the base since the seats are out.... dont recall any welding.

I did have to drill out some big rivets to remove the mazda sliders and removed the side airbags...
filled the void with some EVA foam

I am using the original Volvo sliders.

76RA24 08-23-2021 01:20 PM

Mazda seats...

made flat steel plate adapters..

weld one rust hole...
two more appear.

fun times....

MCHN8 08-23-2021 01:56 PM

Great work, and "millennial falcon" is just an awesome name.

76RA24 08-24-2021 11:22 AM

tackled the cross member rust hole...


also where the hell does the water get to this part to rust it out?

76RA24 09-03-2021 01:02 AM

Well interior floors done.



Rear butt cheek replacement.

Fun is coming to an end.

76RA24 09-09-2021 11:33 PM

Went slow

Ran out of welding gas again.



Now to deal with some other crusty bits.

All “seems” like surface rust.


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