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propav8r 03-03-2021 04:37 PM

Mountainmeet 2021: The Return 9/22-9/26/2021 (Wednesday-Sunday)
Well it looks like the lodge is generally open for reservations, so I'm going to plan on MountainMeet 2021 happening.

Tentative dates are 9/22-9/26/2021 (Wednesday-Sunday). This is subject to change depending on whether or not I can snag that reservation when the window opens.

What the hell is a MountainMeet?

Five days (plus or minus, however long you want to stay) of hanging out in the woods with Volvo people, driving really damn fun roads, benchracing, and consuming mass quantities of smoked and grilled meats.






<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/cxopiHLd8H4" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Where is it?

So glad you asked. Balsam Lake Lodge, NC. It's about as remote as you can get without hiking the AT. It's a 16-bed lodge with a nice big yard for tent/hammock camping, and plenty of parking.

Where am I staying?

Well, one thing led to another last year and all the beds are spoken for. However, there is more than enough room to shove things around inside for air mattresses, or you're welcome to pitch a tent (the kind you sleep in) or put up a hammock in the yard. There are also two large, comfy couches inside that can be claimed, but sleep there at your own risk.

What does it cost?

Not much. Those who wanted beds have already paid.

Just like last year, this year, I'm going to take up a collection via paypal for food prior to the meet, and I'll just buy everything beforehand and bring it. For those who don't contribute early, there will be a donation bucket out as in years past. See the post below for details.

Since this place is so remote, the closest decent restaurants are probably an hour and a half round trip. If you went to Waffle House for breakfast, by the time you got back, you'd need to leave again to get lunch.

For that reason, we cook 3 meals a day there, and for a group of 30+ people, cooking 3 meals a day is not a cheap or trivial undertaking. It is fun though.

Now the fun part: The Plans

Wednesday/Thursday 9/22 and 9/23

Those who want to arrive in the first wave can show up at the lodge at any time after 3pm on Wednesday (check in times got bumped back). The rest of Wednesday is pretty much set up/dinner/chill.

Friday 9/24

I'll probably lead a group on a short drive around the area and hit some of my favorite roads close to the lodge. The lion's share of you tend to arrive Friday evening. We'll throw something together for dinner (maybe spaghetti...that's easy to do in mass quantities and keeps well).

Saturday 9/25

This year, we'll leave for the drive at about 10:30am. I'll make a point to have a little pow-wow beforehand so people don't get turned around like they did last year. (LOOKING AT YOU KYLE).

The offroad thing was also fun in past years, so there'll be plenty of opportunity for that too.

That said, I HATE going to meets where everything is planned out and super rigorous. I don't care what you do. If you want to go gem mining, do that. If you want to bring a rod and reel and go fishing, do that. If you want to drive with us, do that. If you want to mountain bike in Pisgah or something, do that. I want YOU to have a good time, not be beholden to my whim.

Saturday night: 40s and ass.

Sunday 9/26

Wake up, clean up, GTFO. Check out is 12pm this year, and by that point, the lodge has to be completely clean and in the condition it was in when we arrived. Help accomplishing this task is greatly appreciated. This has generally gone smoothly in the past, and I really thank y'all for that.

Lodge Rules:

NEW RULE: If you don't pitch in for food, you don't eat. I'm serious. If you want to come but money's super tight, hit me up in advance and we can work something out :oogle:

I don't make money on this event, that's not my goal. I also don't want to come out of pocket for expenses either.

Technically, alcohol is not allowed at this place. There will be a trash can for your empty bottles and cans. Use it. Under no circumstances should you leave trash, particularly bottles and cans, laying around. We're in the middle of nowhere. There is a caretaker's house about 1/4 mile away, but as long as we don't get excessively rowdy, we'll be fine. There has been no historical issue with alcohol consumption. Let's not make this the first year.

I plan on leaving the lodge in the same condition it's in when we arrive. Your assistance in this mission is greatly appreciated.

You do not need to bring linens, however, you CAN bring your own, and it helps immensely with cleanup. Every sheet/towel/blanket that we use has to be washed, dried, folded, and put away. If you want to bring your own sheets/blankets/sleeping bags/whatever, that will save a TON of time and effort Sunday morning.

Also, there's no need to bring cooking utensils, pots and pans, stuff like that. It's all there.

The Fine Print

1: A note on attendance: If you plan on coming, have the courtesy to let me know in the thread. As a general rule, if we've met before and are cool, come on out. If we haven't met, just shoot me a PM and let me know you'd like to come. I try to open my events to everyone, but see #4 if there are any questions.

2: If you want to arrive early, you can. Do not arrive before say 3pm on Wednesday the 22nd (well, no one at my house. you can come up the hill whenever I reckon). I will gladly host a couple people at my house Tuesday night. Pre-arrival coordination with me is required. First night at the lodge is Wednesday night. Do not arrive at the lodge before 3pm.

3: Bring enough 'stuff' (clothes, swimsuit, towel, bath accouterments) for the weekend and some emergencies. The lodge has running water and hot showers. Use them. Don't stink. Seriously, why do I have to say this every year? Take a damn shower ya nasty hobos.

4:I reserve the right to throw your ass out, don't try me. I also know (on a first name basis) the people to call if you push the issue. Please don't. Quickest way to get tossed: Piss off a bear or mess up the lodge. If you do anything dumb or anything that would jeopardize my ability to use NFS facilities in the future, there will be issues. This is a small community. Word gets around. We have (rather miraculously, I might add) had use of the lodge for four years running without incident. Let's keep that record going.

5: Bring more money than you "think" you'll need. Incidentals are a bitch and you're IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. The cost of the weekend really isn't that high, but double what you anticipate you'll need and you should be alright.

6: Do not bring marginal vehicles. If you're not confident in your car's ability to safely make the trip out and back, leave it at home and buy/beg/borrow/whatever some other means of transportation. You do not want to get out here and have something big fail, and I don't want to have you get out here and have something big fail. This is coming from someone who broke a T5 at the first MountainMeet.

6a: Rule 6 does not apply to anyone coming from the Gump or Nick. Poking fun at y'all has provided a lot of enjoyment over the years. Let's not upset tradition.

7: If you're unsure about something, bring a spare. If you're planning on driving your car on Sunday and you've got an M46, bring a spare or tow your car. Insert other parts where needed. Bring sufficient equipment to repair whatever you think you'll need to repair. Refer to the marginal vehicle paragraph above. Yes, I'm local, but in this case, local means that we will be anywhere between 1 and 3 hours away from my driveway and garage. Don't plan on using them, but they may be available in a pinch.

8: Not 21? Don't drink. Yeah, I know, laaaame. But in the unlikely event we do attract unwanted attention, I don't want to have to deal with some drunk 18 year old landing me in jail.

9: If you're gonna smoke the devil's lettuce, at least do it around back or something. I have no issues with it, but it is federal property, and I really don't want to get booted for future years. The caretakers can (and have) shown up randomly to check in on us.

propav8r 03-03-2021 04:39 PM

Beds (Please send $60 paypal to propav8r@gmail.com
$ means you paid for a bed.
* means you sent me money for food.
  1. Propav8r-$
  2. Bayleigh-$
  3. RoadRacer4Life-$*
  4. Sarah-$*
  5. Linuxman51-$*
  6. Mr.Bill-$*
  7. Hilldale-$
  8. Towery-$
  9. AndrewNance-$
  10. Hockey930-$
  11. Flash Gordon-$*
  12. Wren-$
  13. HondaMatt-$*
  14. BoostDemon-$
  15. DeVries Sr.-$
  16. MikeSr-$

    Going, camping/crashing/otherwise:
  17. tequila_gundam_no_chaser*
  18. Dan Cabe
  19. JD*
  20. Kevin
  21. jpbturbo
  22. Stephanie DeVries
  23. vwbusman66
  24. JohnMC*
  25. fast740fromsc*
  26. Fidge
  27. Shaina
  28. Carson "Pecs" Carlos*
  29. Luckadoo
  30. 940Guy
  31. Morgan
  32. MikeP
  33. Roland
  34. WindowsbreakerG4
  35. DMFWallace
  36. MG Rob
  37. Brock
  38. Kyle DeVries
  39. Manbeard
  40. KwikBrik245
  41. J_Jones
  42. Billy*

  43. Jen
  44. Patrick
  45. Ziggy
  46. Dave M.
  47. Eric Z.
  48. Nathan
  49. Marshall
  50. Pinball Randy
  51. Troy
  52. Ryley
  53. Travis
  54. Collin
  55. Bragg
  56. Pete
  57. Jerry
  58. Hurlard
  59. Kaplan
  60. 740Atl

MrBill 03-03-2021 05:05 PM


JohnMc 03-03-2021 05:23 PM

Count me in. Tent in the yard as usual.

MikeJr. 03-03-2021 05:34 PM


MikeSr. 03-03-2021 07:42 PM

I’m in- payment sent

mikep 03-03-2021 08:12 PM

yes. No clue, might camp, yadda.

doucheNozzle 03-03-2021 10:10 PM


Manbeard 03-03-2021 10:44 PM

Should be there. This weekend works best for me!

Wren 03-03-2021 11:51 PM


gsellstr 03-04-2021 01:43 AM

Gotta see how the year plays out. What's the drop-dead date to reg?

vwbusman66 03-04-2021 09:41 AM


Originally Posted by gsellstr (Post 6164469)
Gotta see how the year plays out. What's the drop-dead date to reg?

20 minutes before estimated arrival.

Joey (vwbusman69) may be in attendance. We'll have to see if we get his ****box thrown together this summer.

propav8r 03-04-2021 10:37 AM


Originally Posted by gsellstr (Post 6164469)
Gotta see how the year plays out. What's the drop-dead date to reg?

Thereís not really a registration date, just trying to get the money for the lodge rental squared away before the reservation window opens up so Iím not fronting a grand.

Just let me know as we get closer so I can plan for food.

stick70 03-04-2021 12:40 PM

I'm there and I don't need no bed

JohnMc 03-04-2021 01:36 PM

Maybe I'll have a Miata by then. I keep trolling NA's real hard lately.

MikeJr. 03-04-2021 03:29 PM

I'll be wagon camping again this year.

Manbeard 03-04-2021 10:44 PM

ok, i'll 100% be there. if its in a tundra or a boxster or a rented fiat or a bicycle or my ****in nikes, im there.

stick70 03-05-2021 10:03 AM


Originally Posted by JohnMc (Post 6164554)
Maybe I'll have a Miata by then. I keep trolling NA's real hard lately.

I love my NA, rod knock and all

blkaplan 03-05-2021 10:13 AM

mark me as tentative. hopefully car camping.

JohnMc 03-05-2021 10:13 AM


Originally Posted by stick70 (Post 6164818)
I love my NA, rod knock and all

I bought one in Feb 1990. Red Pkg A. Great cars.

kyote 03-09-2021 05:56 PM

I find this thread, only to find out my wife has already RSVPed. Excellent :)

mikep 03-09-2021 08:54 PM


Originally Posted by kyote (Post 6166047)
I find this thread, only to find out my wife has already RSVPed. Excellent :)


JohnMc 03-09-2021 09:33 PM


Originally Posted by JohnMc (Post 6164554)
Maybe I'll have a Miata by then. I keep trolling NA's real hard lately.

Heh, I got a Miata. Red '04 MSM. Hardtop, some mods, MS'ed, 220 whp.

propav8r 03-10-2021 12:35 AM

This is gonna be a big one.

linuxman51 03-10-2021 12:52 PM


Originally Posted by propav8r (Post 6166144)
This is gonna be a big one.


hope so, oughta be fun too.

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