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boostedv70 09-26-2020 10:56 AM

Bosch M4.4 - Read and Writing
Looking at tuning my V70 2.5 LPT - Eurospec. I have read the wiki. But all the .bins i can see are from the T5 version, so I will need to read my instead of a .bin from the WIKI. I assume i can only do this via removing the chip and reading in a chip reader?

Or if i am planning on tuning it further just convert it all to megasquirt?

Chuck W 09-26-2020 01:08 PM

Which ECU do you have (last 3 digits)?

There are a couple guys in the BIG M4.4 tuning thread on VolvoSpeed that have LPT .bins. I have a .bin and .xdf for the -609. You can also get some of the .bin information from MotronicSuite for certain Bosch M4.3 and M4.4 ECUs. The VS .bins on the Wiki also have the immobilizers disabled.

Honestly, if you're looking at tuning, starting with one of the HPT .bins and modding it as needed isn't a terrible way to go. Not as plug-and-play, but works. We have a flashed 98MY ECU in the wife's '97 GLT LPT car, and I just wound up starting with the -607 .bin and copied starting points from one of the LPT .bins. (Well, a modified -607 .bin, as the '97 GLT and the '97 850 AWD LPT cars are a special case)

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