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Boomer940 11-21-2020 10:45 PM

MS Swap Regina 945
I have a 1993 Regina Volvo 940. I'm wanting to do a MS swap so I can run boost. Has anyone here done this? If yes are there guides for Regina? I seen plenty for LH but non for the Regina cars. Does anyone do harnesses etc. I would really like to be rid of the bugs that come with this system.

Dirty Rick 11-22-2020 03:41 PM

There is a topic here with someone who ran boost with a Regina system.

But for a MS you will need to look at what is available for a crank signal and how the MS can be configured to work with that.
Idle speed control is the next tricky business, the rest is fairly basic.

Hopefully a guru will chime in and provide specifics, if not we can step through it one bit at a time.

I'd recommend a MS2 - v3 Main Board over a MicroSquirt as it is more versitile and has more features.
A MicroSquirt is not a MS2, it uses a minimalist subset of the MS2 features.

Really need to know what hardware you have to start with and your goals, in order to give you a better picture of how to convert it.

reed 12-04-2020 08:32 PM

I have went from regina to ms. You have to use the crank setting for the regina and I can’t remember what it is. Also the coil can be controlled. I had some issues and ended up going back to regina. Not hard to do. Used the yusifab throttle position sensor adapter.

I’m going to convert to lh2.4. I have everything just need to swap the flywheel, when I get time. I drive the car a lot. Currently I’m running regina with a 16v swap, 8v block. It runs good

linuxman51 12-08-2020 05:17 PM

at this stage in the game, if you're not going to upgrade to an ms3 based system, there is no actual reason to run a v3 or 3.57 over a microsquirt regardless of whatever axe rick has to grind against it. They run the exact same firmware, you don't have to figure out any bull**** little circuits to run wasted spark (or cop on a 4 cylinder), there's nothing to goof up soldering up a board, and it's cheaper.

the reality is almost no one bothers to go beyond what a microsquirt offers (that an ms2 v3.0 will have), most either go straight ms3-x (Which will require re-wiring the car), or more often, one of the ms3-pro offerings if you need something like that. Or not megasquirt at all.

The rex stuff is likely supported, an lh 2.2 distributor could be dropped in to cover things for a basic setup, or (my personal preference back in the day) the lh 2.4 60-2 flywheel/flexplate/sensor/bracket and run wasted spark or wasted coil on plug.

the rest is fairly straight forward, putting together an adapter harness would likely be along the same lines as the plug and play 2.4 stuff, though not entirely (and bonus, you already have a map sensor and air temp sensor under the hood, so two less things to buy) identical. TPS is nice but not required.

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