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Torn diaphram here

Saab Turbos use the Bosch CBV v # 0 280 142 102 or 103 or 104 or 105 0r 110. [103 tested above] The recommended higher boost version
from a 9000T and 9.3 (Y.2000) is Bosch # 0 280 142 110 (Saab dealer #4441895 - described as 'Bypass Valve').
Volvo Turbo 740/760T owners have fitted the low cost Bosch unit closer to the throttle body, replacing the high cost (A$675) and oddly positioned CBV valve made by Pierburg. For Volvo owners fitted with the Mitsubishi turbo, these already have a built-in compressor bypass valve. The pnuematic actuator is mounted on the side of the compressor housing, perhaps not the best position, but functional.
Citroen CX GTI Turbo 2 uses Bosch CBV type # 280 142 103
Figured you had a garret since I have the same exact car mine had no valve of any kind other than a small spring loaded valve right in the flapper of the TB

I dont see the point of replacing the stock diaphram that can only handle about a bar!!!

Good luck BDKR pm me if I can help

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