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Originally Posted by dbarton View Post
I've been compiling some of that here:
Dave B
Great stuff, good info!

I lenghtened and modified the stock left hand drive Volvo 240 cable clutch pedal. The stock pedal was cut so that the top part lenght was 3cm after the cut.

The pedal needs to be 50mm longer than stock.

Plates are welded on boths sides of the pedal. The plates and the middle part are all welded together as well. That creates a box section, which makes the pedal strong.

I welded it with a very basic no-gas flux core mig. Not the prettiest weld, but totally good enough for a job of this kind. The upper part of the pedal is not visible once installed in the car.

The distance from the end of the tube to the actuating arm is 7mm. Thickness of the arm is 6mm.

Many ways to do it. One good option would be building one pedal out of two stock ones.

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