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Default T5 Reassembled

So tearing down a T5 for the first time can be a little intimidating considering I have never done anything like this before.

I used Paul's peel-able shims to get the counter-shaft preload to about 4 in-lbs of drag torque.

This image is a little blurry but it is hard to take a picture while rotating a torque wrench. But 4 in-lbs of preload was the target

I was able to reinstall the gearbox the other day but the snow and salt has kept me off of the roads.

Somethings I was able to do during install of the trans this time
  • I used peel-able shims to set the preload of the counter shaft to 4 in-lbs and the main shaft preload was set to about 2 thou.
  • I used a new clutch fork from an m90, replacing the used one I had from a 740.
  • Shimmed the pivot bolt for the clutch fork as opposed to using a socket head bolt attached to the 740 clutch fork.
  • Thoroughly cleaned the mating surfaces between the engine and the trans bell housing
  • Re-torqued the flywheel / clutch and bell housing bolts in stages and in cross patterns.
  • I ditched the Hurst short throw shifter as it limits how far I can center the trans in the tunnel due to a higher profile then the stock T5 shifter.
  • Installed Aerostar slip yoke.

Hopefully we get another thaw and I'll be able to try this out an report back on the effects (if any) of these changes.
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