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Originally Posted by IansPlatinum View Post

I've been using 87. I have LH2.4, and I'm guessing yours is either that or 2.2 ...? Either way, I'm pretty sure both use a knock sensor and constantly pushes the spark timing advanced until a tiny amount of knock is detected, and then they back off, and that's one way how the system achieves good mpg as compared to points ignition or electronic ignition without a knock sensor.

Due to this, you should be fine with 87. I don't notice a difference (have tried 87 & 93 in the wagon), but my engineer brain tells me that 87 gives me more low end torque due to faster flame kernel propagation... but I can't tell tbh.
I'm LH2.4 as well. Supposedly '89 was the crossover year, but I've never seen LH2.2 in a an '89. Anyway, interesting! I did not know that was how this system worked. I'm used to GM stuff where everything is predefined, and the knock sensor is only used as a safety.

I have some ideas for enhancing the camping experience with this car, but I have not had the chance to execute any of it. I'll be prepared regardless. I have the normal supplies.
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