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Originally Posted by IansPlatinum View Post
Nope. Delco. The original pump I pulled off had "AC" stamped on it just like the replacement. I'll see if I have a picture

Edit: no picture, but it appears delphi bought AC delco in 1995. Idk, FCP euro sold me the AC delco pump I installed (lifetime warranty!), and it was marked as OE on their website- further research confirmed AC delco was OE for this part. I wouldn't hesitate to use the VDO version or the IPD kit, but I figured hey, this AC delco pump got 230K miles on the odometer, I'll just put in what came out. We'll see
Yikes. The original ones definitely did a good job as one would hope and expect. I just wouldn't replace it with the "same" one knowing what I know now. Okay, I'm triggered. It's story time now.

AC Delco has really slipped into the gutter over the last few years. Within the last four years I've installed three junk AC master cylinders. Two were remanned and one was brand new. I ended up ditching them and buying cheaper store brand remans that work fine. I've also had a two junk AC alternators. One, I modified and fixed myself. The other resulted in buying a rebuild kit for the original unit. Honestly, I'm probably going to start rebuilding alternators myself from now on, because it was really easy, super cheap, gave me a higher current output, and worked flawlessly on the first try. Proof that AC Delco is cutting costs in poor places is their oil filters. I noticed that they started adding an "E" at the end of a lot of their part numbers and wasn't sure why. It turns out they discontinued the original filters for my cars. This is really stupid IMO since there are likely still millions of these engines still in use. The replacement filter no longer has a check valve in it, so it takes longer for the oil pressure to rise on startup. We all know what that leads to!

I used to be all about putting the OE equipment in a car whenever I could, but the very brand I'm supposed to trust for my GM cars is failing at a higher rate than most of the RockAuto economy brands I've used in the past. That's just unacceptable to me. I'm not trying to poop all over your choice of parts. You said your new one is Delphi brand anyway, so it may be better. I guess time will tell!
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