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The first miracle happened as soon as I came outside.

I am extremely happy that I didn't have to drop the tank.

Now I have to deal with new sender problems. The feed line is too long.

No worries. A dremel cutoff wheel does a pretty good job. Then I cleaned the rest up with a reaming tool and a mini file.

All set! I transferred the old float ball over as well since I heard the replacements are trash.

Yes, I drilled another hole in the trap door with my step bit. It's easier and the new sender came with a grommet anyway. Then the fun began.


Another miracle!

This was right where my luck ran dry. The fuel filter copper washers I got were sized terribly incorrectly. There was little to no chance of either side sealing, so I reused the old ones. Well...

That's not going to work either. I ordered some different ones. Hopefully they work a little better.
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