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Originally Posted by dbarton View Post
Easy? No. But I agree it could be a better setup. Better to have the alternator on the non-exhaust side.
Parts needed from my imagination: New mounting bracket for alternator and AC. New PS bracket to mount PS on exhaust side. New PS pump. New PS hoses. Introduce a PS reservoir where there isn't one in my car now.
Anything else?

Still, is there anyone who can say for certain there will be NO BELT SLIPPAGE with a 740 single belt using a monster alternator pushing millions of amps?

For now, I'm moving forward with this. If it works like I expect, maybe it'll help a few others in a similar situation instead of suggesting they rearrange all their accessories.
I literally just did the conversion. It involved bending stock power steering lines and adding a 90⁰ barb at the reservoir return, plus a couple of shims here and there to get a DR44 alternator and 240 R134A AC compressor to line up. It was cake.

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My knob has a big chunk of steel on it
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