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Well three weeks till the next race and work continues on the General. Got the braking system done and if life would slow down a little and the rain would let up I could get out and take it for a little test drive and make sure it's all working properly. Basically we are using 240 caliper and 164 rotors.

We needed to make up some custom lines to adapt the 240 metric caliper to the 140 SAE fittings.

When I find myself waiting on parts or just need to kill a little time I have started working on weight reduction. I got this from Harbor Fright to start on stripping off some of the undercoating.

It took me about 15-20 minutes to strip off abut 1.5LBS in this fender well.

Metal that is no longer needed in the door.

Also working on trying to clean up the aerodynamics of the car a little. We will see how and if it works.

Also put in a poly rear window and rear 1/4 windows that are kicked out a little to help a airflow over the drip rail and relieve any back pressure that might build up in the car. Other than a few little odds and that need to be tended to the car is ready to hit the race track. Hoping for another uneventful and maybe podium finish this race.
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