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Originally Posted by Drift Brick View Post
Im all for supporting the volvo community. however ive not known "ben's coilovers" untill now, he doesnt come up in any of the searching for 7 and 9 series suspension upgrades ive researched in the past.

It seams most ppls complaints is the lack of support to the home brew community by buying from a growing company who's product is made outside the USA. Ben's kit is slightly more expensive cuz ben himself has put alot of man hours into it im sure. The BC kit can be cheaper cuz they custom machine each kit out of stock tube they have lieing around once the order is placed.

Modification process is to weld the front coilover in replacement of the stock strut tube, welding can be a PIA or expensive if you yourself cant do it.

By dyno sheet do you mean spec of springs KG's and the valveing of the dampers? or what do you mean?
I just realized that the "Ben" everyone keeps referancing is

Am i right?

I already support ben, i have, and will continue to purchase more parts from ben. But im all about getting the most bang for my buck.

When i think "Coilover" I dont think *Bilstein's inside. They make a nice looking product, but when i seen the front kit i wanted at 1,700 bucks to get the front as adjustable as i had hoped, i started digging deeper for a cheaper solution.

My solution, was to be possibly the first TurboBricks user to try the 7 and 9 series coilover kit by BC, Now that ive got them on the car, and ive got it close to adjusted as i like it, ill take more pics, and post the good, and the bad feedback i have about it.

I am not biased, there are some things about this kit i dont like.

I hope to see less crap talk of unknown company's, untill this BC kit blows a seal or breaks in half, i will continue to believe that this has been good money spent for what i intend to do with it, which is build a Drift car to one day compete in Formula D Pro M.
I aspire to learn more of the aftermarket suspension and or DIY mods for the 740 chassis and suspension set. I require the best to perform to my expectations.

3031 axle where do i buy a locker or posi? part # anyone?
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