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Originally Posted by Stiggy Pop View Post
At one point I had an aftermarket (MTC?) shift boot on my car that was really thick and stiff compared with OE, it was stiff enough it was actually pulling the t5 out of fifth. Tried running no boot already?

I'm just super picky on ratios. Part of the reason is because of how much I built my car for top end power, so to me the right gear spacing to stay in the power is the difference between the car being fun and quick or totally useless around here.
I need to do that - I'm using the stock rubber 240 boot on it now. And the shifter is on an offset, so it moves up and down with the shifter throw, so in 5th it is pulling the lever down some.

And the current setup is just a sort of placeholder until I get around to putting on the narrowed Ford 8.8 I have sitting in the garage. I just wanted to get the car up and driving around before finishing up the last few things on it.

The CD009 just has some weird ratios.
1 - 3.784
2 - 2.324
3 - 1.624
4 - 1.271
5 - 1.000
6 - 0.794

Certainly not made to work well with a 3.73 rear end. Although apparently, in the Nissans they use them with a 3.5(ish) rear end - so they're spinning the motors pretty fast most of the time.
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