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Originally Posted by T3hw1nn3r View Post
I see them bars, your not fooling me! but it looks nice man!
Do you think that's not the same car? Click on my sig pic for the build.

Originally Posted by qbenplaya00 View Post
very nice.. i do mine by taking motor/tranny out then sanding down and then repainting... but thats just me.

very nice work. will try with my DD as soon as weather brakes.
This is a restoration and cleaning chemicals thread, car above is restored (see red highlighted quote below). Picture doesn't actually do it justice. It's kinda something you just need to see in person really.

Originally Posted by Group A View Post
I soak Badger's entire engine compartment in 713, use a small electric home pressure washer to rinse and then dry with compressed air and a shammy or micro fiber rags every 7-10 days to keep my restored engine compartment looking like it was just finished.
That being said, a good pressure wash and cleaning on an unrestored engine compartment goes a long way and will always look nicer, be easier to maintain and work on.

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