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Just install remote central locking. Thanks for the guide , it is perffect !

Remote central locking kit I bought for 12 EUR (~14 $) and 3 EUR for door solenoid.

Just wanted to add pictures about conecting indicator lights. I have keyless kit brain with two wires for indicator lights. One for left side and one for right side, if you have just one wire , then you will need relay.

First of all I was little suprised that volvo use 1 relay for both sides, I thought there will be two. (See in picture below, I marked it with orange box). From time relay , wire goes back to hazard light switch via indicator switch at steering wheel. So after the hazard light switch I just conect left side wire to the green wire and right side wire to the blue wire (see pictre below).

If your keyless kit brain have only one wire for indicator lights, then you have to use relay (see the last picture), because if you just connect blue and green wires with keyless kit brain indicator wire, each time you will switch indicators, both sides will blink.

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