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Not a whole lot to report. Been busy getting engaged, and also bought a 1970 Ford F100 last week - which the 1800ES would look cool on a trailer getting pulled by it.

Cut some new boards for some racks so I finally have some shelving in the makeshift garage.

Harald sent me down a B21F intake I will be running on the car - with the engine tilted over, according to my measurements it will be a close fit but it should work. I will just need to rethink the throttle linkage a little.

I also bought a 398 head off ebay from a 240T, so I decided to start test fitting everything

I had to bend the fuel feed line a little bit, and I will need to lop off a few tabs here and there, and braze on a new one to mount the rail to the head. With it mounted this low into the head, it has enough clearance to run the vented B21F valve cover

Head is going off to the machine shop to get resurfaced this week. In the meantime I think I might start touching up the paint in the engine bay
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