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Originally Posted by mickeys240 View Post
Not a bad job. But if you don't want to end up on or the CMT channel. Then do this:

Get a can of Black spray paint for about a buck and get a box cutter from the dollar tree in the 3 pack with the extendable blades.

Trim of the stuff so it looks flush.

Then paint it over.

100% cosmetic. And will look like it was stock.

If you never plan on showing of your ride. Don't worry about it. Call it a day and be happy.

About how you wire in your fan. Try to use the audi temp switch. If you can't. Then go with another way of making automatic unless you plan to be the only one driving the car. And have a good memory to turn it off when the car is off. Or make the really only function when the car is on the ACC/on position. That will prevent a dead battery.

If you ask me Killer job man. The heat should not bother the foam. And it should last for many years.
My old e-fan used a wire to the ign coil for the positive side of the relay. Turn car off, relay turns off. Only problem was that the relays I used were old JY relays and mounted in such a way that after about 2-3 months, the relays would stick on and you'd have to bang on the hood...

I've since switched to a proper Volvo e-fan setup from a 940.

Originally Posted by Danyul View Post
For a thermostat, are you guys running a radiator probe or a thread in type thermostat? Which one did you use and where did you put it at? My fan is going into an '85 NA 240. I also pulled a fan off of a 95 Buick Century, so I'll need to hurry and get this done to see if I need to exchange the fan in case it doesn't fit.
I'm running mine in a Saab T-fitting in the upper hose but I'm also dumb. Run it in the lower hose, trust me.

Bret runs a radiator thread-in thermostat and it works well for him. I like my T-fitting, even though it would be better suited in another spot; the engine temperature never goes more than halfway up the gauge, and with the air-dam pickup scoop thing, the fan never even kicks on when I'm on the highway. Only when I'm stationary, and that's when you want it anyways.
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