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Default Today's Progress....

Got a chance to do a bit today. Got the turbo off, the manifold off and the downpipe off.

My SSAC header hasn't come back from the machine shop so, with Griz's permission I used his (which was at my house) so I could mock up stuff.

First, I put the T04B cold side on my Cossie T3. I took a couple of snaps to show the difference.

In that 2nd image you can see that the compressor wheel has much thicker blades. I'm guessing the coldside came from a diesel, which would account for the difference.

so I trial fitted the header and a couple of problems come to light immediately. The #1 primary hits the PAS pipe but, much worse, is the fact that it also touches the hose off the water pump:

The only way I can see round it is to have an elbow welded to the water pump, but if anyone can think of another way of doing it I'd be very interested to hear about it.

That aside, I got the turbo reclocked and started to make the V Band adaptor for the downpipe.

The compressor housing sits very close to the bonnet, so i need to get some heat reflective material to prevent the paint getting too hot and discolouring. For now I've just removed the sound deadening.

End of play today sees me stuck until I can get a couple more silicone elbow reducers, but some progress made at least...........


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