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Well, I managed to get some stuff done in between dodging rain storms.

Firstly, I'd got my header back after the machine shop had taken 6mm off the flange to get it flat!
So I put it on the other engine for a dummy setup to attach the turbo and check the flange etc.

It fitted, at least.

I kept nipping out of the garage during the dry periods to try and get the block ready for grinding and tapping for the oil drain. This showed up a problem- to gain access to the oil drain I had two choices, either remove the steering column (not a good choice) or unbolt the right hand engine mount and raise the engine with a jack.

Needless to say, I chose the latter.

Now at this point I must categorically state that it is NOT impossible to port the oil drain hole and tap a 3/4 NPT thread with the engine in the car.
It is, however, ALMOST impossible.

At this point rain stopped play yet again, so it was back to the garage to try and find something to do.
So I decided to make a V Band adapter for my Cossie T3/4 (as it is now).

I cut the flare off my earlier downpipe and with the flange, bolted it tight and square to the turbine housing. I tacked it with weld, took it off and ground it flush. I then rechecked it on the turbine housing.

Happy with that, I then welded a V Band to some 3" stainless pipe.

After it had cooled (out in the rain- I'm sooo impatient) I chopped it off at a length determined by whether I'd be able to get the V Band clamp on and off in situ.

I welded the stub onto the original flange et voila, a V Band adapter circa 1990 Ford Motorsport.

Final images of today are of the header and turbo in situ and the oil drain fitted.

I also mocked up the downpipe to get an idea of where it needs to go.

And I'm knackered, cold and in desperate need of a shower.

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