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Originally Posted by towerymt View Post
I would assume "replacing the shim" means to put it back into place.

Cutting the weight allows it to start locking up at higher speed (or any speed). It does not dictate at what speed it unlocks. With an unmodified locker, you could start a burnout and run the wheel speed to 100mph and it would still be locked. But unmodified, you couldn't start spinning both tires above ~25mph. With the weight cut off, you should be able to get 2wd when slip starts happening over 25mph.
Towery, I generally regard your posts as scripture, but in this case I would have to disagree.
I have a '92 745Ti with an LT1 that will absolutely not keep the diff locked above 25mph. Very frustrating when trying to destroy a set of tires before getting a new set. It will start off locked, all's well until it passes about 25-30mph, then blammo! One legged disappointment...
Were I keeping the car, cutting the weights would be one of the higher things on the list.
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